Greenery among us

October 26, 2019
So we are stuck in traffic most of the time. You are getting stressed and there are deadlines for you to meet when you reach your office. You are so absorbed of what is happening internally, inside your vehicle, and you fail to notice something more helpful, more valuable around you.

A traffic solution

March 02, 2019
So how about trying this scheme. What about a fast lane for vehicles with two or more passengers as is being done for the bus lane? And for single passenger vehicles, these are given a lane that will be not so fast in travel time.

What if?

February 23, 2019
For example, what if we are a disciplined people, then we will have a better way of moving forward like in disciplining ourselves to observe basic rules such as no littering, walking in the proper lane, and to always speak well of our country instead of always bashing it to bits even in front of foreigners. What if we had local officials who are indeed cognizant of the good of their locality and will therefore engage in projects that will benefit the majority instead of the few?

Stress-free life, anyone?

February 16, 2019
When I thought about this title for today’s column, I know what your answer will be. What stress-free life are you talking about? There is no such thing as this kind of life anymore. Thanks to our state-of-the-art communication which is our simple cellphones, it’s goodbye to stress-free life.

How about urban farming?

February 02, 2019
This way, our people will learn how to sustain themselves and to prepare for any food crisis that may arise. So how about we who live in cities, start to seriously think about urban farming. Space is no problem because I have read that even in a small condominium, we can have small plots to plant vegetable and spices. So what will it take for us to go into this? There is a foundation, the East West Seed Foundation, that can provide us with seedlings and you just have to check their website for the details. We can also look along our main roads where you have potted plants lining the fences. I just hope what they plant there are useful.


January 26, 2019
Why are there so many pedestrians using earphones? How do they focus while walking? Sometimes, I even see drivers with earphones. Unless we are good at multi-tasking, when we lack focus on what we are doing at the moment, our attention span short and may even cause danger to health. Look at the people crossing the streets or walking in sidewalks.

Work from home

January 12, 2019
Like I mentioned earlier, they can be gauged through their outputs. With so many apps now proliferating in the internet, there must be something out there that can be adaptable to a job of an employee like research, writing, proposals and the like. They can just report to the office for meetings or even have a teleconference via Viber or Facetime.

More trash

January 05, 2019
In spite of all the guidelines, local ordinances, and reminders on how to dispose of garbage, especially the biodegradable and non-biodegradable, the New Year scenario for Metro Manila was one of a nightmare for environmentalists in these areas.

Old and new

December 29, 2018
So you just have to end your procrastination. Lessons learned. No self-blaming as it will add to your stress.Now you know what my New Year’s resolution will be. Stop procrastinating. Just this one resolution and believe me, if this works for 2019, then I will lead a peaceful stress-free life. Hopefully.

Nandy’s gunless society

December 22, 2018
On the contrary, he thinks politics is the perfect tool to be used to serve the common good—indeed, the only arena in which citizens may regularly offer their view on society’s problems, and participate in the decision-making process that shapes the collective life of the community.

Welcome back, Balangiga Bells

December 15, 2018
It is located on the southern coast of the island of Samar facing Leyte Gulf, and sits at the mouth of the Balangiga River. To the west lies the municipality of Lawaan, to the north is Llorente, and to the east are the municipalities of Quinapondan and Giporlos.

Christmas gift giving

December 01, 2018
Many of these generous souls come from the entertainment industry while others are walk in donors and friends of friends who have seen the good that this organization has consistently done. So when you go around these next few days buying gifts, also pick out items that you feel will help make the children of CHILDHAUS happier while they undergo treatment at such a young age.

The collective good

November 24, 2018
So when are we as Filipinos going to have a mindset of always doing things for the collective good of our country? I notice that we are always fond of complaining and whining and when something good happens we act as if we don’t deserve it or even become apologetic? I know I have been ranting about our horrific traffic at EDSA and its adjacent highways.


November 17, 2018
Today, The Outstanding Farmers of the Philippines organized by Universal Harvester, Inc. together with JCI Philippines will hold its annual awards ceremony at the Makati Shangri-La.

Christmas decors

November 10, 2018
Filipinos are known for having the longest holiday season and I agree since right after All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days you can already see the sprouting of streets with colorful lights and unique decor.