The Fred Lim no one knew (Conclusion)

August 25, 2020
AS a young boy, Mayor Fred Lim was put in the Hospicio de San Jose orphanage by his mother who settled with her new family, after they were abandoned by his father. There, Lim stayed for several years until he was located by his grandmother, Flora Valisno-Siojo, who paid him a regular visit before finally taking him with her.

Isko, Honey open new, modern Manila City Hall

August 24, 2020
THE new Manila City Hall underpass sporting a clean, modern look was opened to the public yesterday by Mayor Isko Moreno and Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna, with stern warning against those who will vandalize any portion of the said underpass, where a portion was dedicated in honor of the frontliners in this time of the pandemic.

Isko warns kotong cops ‘CASH-UNDUAN’

August 23, 2020
A STERN warning was issued by Manila Mayor Isko Moreno to policemen who will take money from or mulct vendors in exchange for special favors like allowing them to sell in or occupy prohibited areas and even obstruct the streets, saying these cops will be dealt with accordingly.

Th Fred Lim no one knew (Part 3)

August 22, 2020
One time, while we were on our way to an appointment aboard the same car with Mayor Fred Lim, we were passing by a marketplace when he told Nato to stop the car. He got down without telling us why. We got off too, to find out what he was up to. He approached a young lad who was carrying his brother piggyback style. It turned out that he was carrying his brother on his back on the way to school because the latter had polio and could not walk.

Isko: Probe traders behind ‘province of China’ anomaly

August 21, 2020
VISIBLY irked by the brazenness of two Chinese nationals who were caught operating their business under a string of violations and then making Manila appear as a province of China in the address at the back of their products’ package, Mayor Isko Moreno has sought an investigation into their business and status in the country and if warranted, would want their immediate deportation for being undesirable aliens.