Don’t fire workers

WITH the pandemic badly affecting the sustainability of businesses, the fate of workers relies on employers. For how can workers be paid of their salary when businesses are no longer earning amid the crippling restrictions brought about by the outbreak.

Loan moratoriums helpful to gov’t workers

COLLECTION of loan amortization from borrowers of the Government Service Insurance System will resume only this month after the state pension fund implemented a loan moratorium program for members, pensioners and other borrowers from March to June this year to ease the impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic on public servants.

Ounce of wisdom for lawmakers

CONGRESS has power of the purse. Most of the time, lawmakers think appropriation is the cure for all dilemmas. Last week, members of the House of Representatives thought this way while addressing the issues faced by migrant workers but a government executive gave them an ounce of wisdom.

Bicycles, not cars, key to transport woes

COMMUTERS should be looking at bicycles instead of used cars amid the lack of public transportation. Agreeing to reports that used car sales are expected to rise sharply due to the COVID-19 pandemic, transport consultant Robert Siy said public transport capacity has been severely reduced because of the new seating capacity limits.

Enormous financial debt

THERE’S nothing wrong with borrowing as long as we can pay it. Loans are especially important if they are meant to fund urgent matters. Our country is in the middle of a crisis brought by the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic and it is running out of funds to respond to the outbreak.