Get followers, not customers

August 22, 2020
KYLE (not his real name) was offering training videos which I can watch on-line for a modest fee. So I gave one a try and enjoyed the learning… until the video kept on buffering in the middle. It remained stuck half-way no matter how many times I refreshed my device.

Give your best gifts now!

August 15, 2020
I AM inspired by Todd Lake’s article Give Your Best Gifts Now where he wrote, “We often think of successful, creative people as those who chart their own course and advance smoothly along a path that they themselves have determined. While this does happen for a happy few, there is a basis for living out a very different approach by using our God-given gifts.”

Why di i even bother?

August 08, 2020
On a Thursday morning, I chaired a department meeting and, knowing that it will spill over to our lunch break, ordered plated meals for everyone. That employee was assigned for night shift duty, so he wasn’t in the meeting. But I included him in the order, anyway. After the meeting concluded, I asked his colleagues to pack his meal and give it to him later that evening.

Graduation amidst COVID? Here’s what to do (part 2 of 2)

July 18, 2020
However, one must remember two things: (1) that the purpose of the resume is to open the door for an interview and (2) it is not necessarily the most qualified person who gets the job, but the one who succeeded in selling himself to the interviewer that he is the right one for the job. So the resume is not everything, but one should still strive to make his resume shine as brightly as possible. 

Why ego must go

November 16, 2019
A division head actually said that. A staff asked him to sign off some reports that needed to be submitted to an external agency. It is of small wonder that when he retired early, nobody bothered to throw him a despedida party.

The wall

November 09, 2019
WHEN a couple has kids, I don’t recommend the husband calling the wife “Mama” and the wife calling the husband “Daddy.” It may be a Filipino thing, but I still remember the wry expression on my mentor’s face when he told me, “How can you make love to a Mama?”

Leaders, not people

October 26, 2019
MANY companies boast, “Our best assets are our people.” With due respect, that’s not true. An organization’s best assets are its leaders. Get the right leaders and the right people follow.

Hell week

June 01, 2019
HAVE you ever had a “hell week”? Nothing seemed to go right? Stressed out beyond measure? Want to drop everything and quit? In a previous job, my hell week began when we made a sale, but defective goods were delivered. Irate customer. Emergency meetings. Facing a claim. Meantime, visitors from Singapore flew in for business review. Translation: they intrude upon your time and toss out unsolicited advice. Working lunches and dinners. A flurry of customer visits.

When bad things happen to good workers

May 25, 2019
SOME cynic said, “No good deed goes unpunished.” We have this strong moral sense that good things should happen to good people. We also agree that bad things should happen to bad people. What we don’t understand is why bad things happen to good people. We do a terrific job but instead of being recognized or rewarded, we are being persecuted or punished. If our employers have a grievance system, I would suggest that we avail of it by all means. But what about situations when we keep getting flak we don’t deserve and there is nothing we can do about it?

The case for personal holiness

April 27, 2019
Think of a government vehicle stamped with “For Official Use Only.” It is “set apart” for government use. But if you see that same vehicle being used for midnight drag racing — and the people inside don’t look like officials — then in Biblical language, that car has been desecrated.

Choose to serve not to be served

February 23, 2019
I said something like, “No, marriage is not dependent upon feelings. It is serving one another even when we don’t feel like it. When we continue to do this, the loving feeling will return.” I was amazed when the husband replied, “I have been part of our church for years but I never heard of this before. Where did you learn this?”

Reverse gossip

February 16, 2019
Someone may object, “But that’s not slander because my husband is really a bum (or my wife is really a mess at the kitchen),” That is not the issue. By all means, address the issue. But while being at it, we should not be painting a negative picture of our spouses to people who are not part of the solution.

Singles: Don’t look for signs

February 09, 2019
SHOULD I pursue this girl or not? She would make an excellent wife. The trouble was that she wasn’t interested in me. I sought “God’s will” as to what to do next. I did what Christians are supposed to do: pray, read my Bible and ask for advice. Yet I didn’t get the clear “yes” or “no” that I thought would come

What a spouse should ask

February 02, 2019
I USED the past Christmas season to make my strategic plans for 2019. One area I don’t want to leave out is my marriage to Lucy. But how can I know what to do? Answer: I asked Lucy “What do you want me to do this year to improve our marriage?”

Don’t be afraid of making mistake

January 26, 2019
A FRIEND at work once told me, “Many people don’t work to win. Rather, they work not to fail.” What he meant is that many employees play it safe. They are terrified of making mistakes and being criticized by their bosses. So they do the bare minimum in their jobs and keep their mouths shut. However, they stunt their professional growth and limit their career enhancement.