Judy Lardizabal

It wasn’t a run-of-the-mill icebreaker for two sister-in-laws who had just discovered each other’s existence. Yet the short exchange was enough to kindle a lasting bond between two women who had two loving Lardizabal men in common in their lives.

Once in a while

The course escapes me but the professor’ eccentric ways lingers. And because he was strange, Lilit and I thought we could get away with being stranger. We were seated at the farthest side of the class and had stopped listening to the lecture. We were softly, in whispers, singing our Paulinian high school hymn when the prof decided to cut short our nostalgic trip.


There’s only one soul — two at the most — I know who will give this reply if I suddenly, hypothetically blurted out that I had just murdered a breathing being.

Jerry Tan

November 14, 2019
Pareng Jerry is a gentle soul of few words. And on the rare and carefully pondered occasions when he speaks his mind, he never fails to impart Solomonic wisdom.

MDH’S Wellness Hub: Raising the healthcare bar to an unprecedented level

September 12, 2019
“Keeping in mind the unique requirements of clients, we have available age and gender- specific Executive Health Check packages. Our one-stop shop concept gives clients the convenience of access to basic diagnostic services (x-ray, ultrasound, electrocardiogram, laboratory workups), medical consultation, physical examination, and other wellness services such as acupuncture, nutrition counselling, weight management, vaccination, life coaching, etc., all in one exclusive, dedicated area. It boasts of an executive lounge where patients can relax in between medical tests, enjoy a healthy snack, access wi-fi connectivity, and avail of concierge services as well,” said Dr. Reyes.