Philippine Job Opportunities After COVID-19

June 15, 2020

Despite many predictions to the contrary, in the Philippines jobs have continued to be available throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns. As the Philippines heads into a post-pandemic world and uncertainty, we can be more or less sure that multiple job opportunities will continue to be available — just not in the same areas we expected before 2020.

Here are some industries that may continue to see some growth during and after the pandemic:

On-demand services and consultancy work

With so many organizations cutting back on labor requirements in light of the pandemic, the long-term trend towards contractual work is only going to accelerate. Contracting gives businesses the flexibility to gain capabilities and scale operations as needed. It also reduces the cost of labor as contractual employees are normally paid per output — an important point during a global recession where everyone is tightening their belts.

This means those looking for jobs may find it more appealing to work for an agency or perform freelance and consultancy work instead. Many of these types of jobs may also be done from home or require a minimal physical presence at the worksite, which makes them even more appealing

Business process outsourcing

BPOs in the Philippines have managed to continue growing and hiring more people despite the global economic downturn. As with consultancy work, it may be possible to find more work from home opportunities in BPOs in a post-pandemic job market. There are still plenty of conventional office jobs for prospective BPO workers, as well, particularly in customer service.

Online marketing

SEO and SEM specialists as well as social media experts, copywriters, and data analysts have a ton of opportunities in the post-COVID world. Millions of businesses throughout the world have had to make a rapid transition into online sales, thus providing plenty of opportunities for experienced online marketers.

Even when the pandemic is finally over, it’s unlikely that we will stick with old ways of buying items and services, with more and more people instead, preferring to purchase whatever they need online. Given that local businesses have been somewhat lagging behind those in other countries, good online marketers will likely be in more demand than ever.

Healthcare and medical tourism

Philippine fertility rates, while formerly among the highest in the world fifty years ago, now comes down to just 2.53 children per woman. While certainly not the lowest or most ideal for a rapidly growing country, this means that within our lifetimes, older Filipinos will make up a bigger and bigger proportion of our population. This will inevitably trigger a growth in healthcare as older Filipinos are statistically more susceptible to illnesses.

Even today, the demand for healthcare services has been steadily rising, partly since there are now plenty of older Filipinos who were born when the fertility rates were between 7 and 6 children per woman, half a century ago. Careers in nursing, medicine, dentistry, and alternative health practices will only continue to increase in demand as the proportion of older Filipinos in the population increases.

The Philippines is also becoming a popular destination for medical tourism, and this is likely to remain true once the world recovers from COVID-19. This will provide not just in healthcare, but in recreational and tourism services as well. This means jobs in resorts, entertainment and recreational centers, and other places where medical tourists may be expected.

Online retail

Experts are already predicting the death of malls in the Philippines after COVID. While there might be an element of truth to this, malls will still likely be a fixture in the Philippines for decades to come. On the other hand, it cannot be denied that due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, more people than ever before have been converted into avid online shoppers.

While generally employing fewer people than regular brick and mortar stores, online stores may still have multiple employees. The largest online retail portals can be incredibly complex operations, with sales and marketing departments, purchases, accountants, HR, IT and SysAd personnel, and other professionals. As the appetite for online shopping continues to grow among Filipinos, it’s highly probable than openings in online retail will continue to grow in the Philippines.


Thanks to online shopping, on-demand food, and package delivery, and a generally optimistic outlook on long-term growth in the country, the role of logistics services will only continue to expand throughout the country.

Logistics is a complex industry, with multiple job opportunities present at every part of the chain. Drivers, pilots, warehouse personnel, mathematicians, IT, personnel, and many other people are involved in the increasingly vital task of delivering items throughout the world without incident.


While things could certainly be better, there is no reason to believe that you cannot find a job opening in the post-COVID-19 job market. It’s worth remembering that the coronavirus isn’t the only thing that has come out in the past few years. New demographic trends, technologies, and ways of thinking are constantly creating new opportunities, especially for those that dare break the mold. Good luck with your job hunt!