'The Thing' Aboard the Parrier

June 01, 2020
Deserted, without a living thing aboard, shunned by all seafaring men as a thing accursed, the Russian steamer Parrier lies at anchorage off Santa Monica, Cal. Haunted by some unknown terror, of which the men themselves will not speak, ruled by some strange, weird, unknown thing, the Parrier is likely to rust and rot at its anchorage before any crew can be found to man it. At Vladivostok and St. Petersburg the agents and the owners rave. Their ravings are useless. The Parrier is as much a wreck as it lies at anchorage in the calm, sunlit waters of the southern California bay as if it were pounding to pieces on the wildest shores of the arctic.

Mysterious Green Glacier Mice Move Across the Ice in Formation

May 31, 2020
It seems that no matter where one travels on Earth (Remember traveling? It will be back soon, just keep wearing masks), you can’t escape mice – the rodent kind, of course. That list now includes on frozen glaciers in Alaska, where researchers looking for microbes – long assumed to be the only things that can survive in the harsh environment – have been finding the ice mysteriously covered with small, green mice moving around in formation on the surface … so many of them that the scientists received funding to study them.

Russia Becoming More Suspicious as Space Force Unveils First Weapon

May 30, 2020
“…expeditionary, deployable, reversible offensive space control (OCS) effects applicable across the full spectrum of conflict. It prevents adversary Satellite Communications (SATCOM) in Area of Responsibility (AOR) including Command & Control (C2), Early Warning and Propaganda, and hosts Rapid Reaction Capabilities in response to Urgent Needs.”

Creepiest stories from lost and abandoned civilizations ancient temple

May 30, 2020
Human history is brimming with harrowing tales of abandoned and lost civilizations that still haunt us, and even the most ardent of skeptics would be hard-pressed to explain away some of these creepy stories. From evidence of ancient unknown lifeforms to ghosts and elves, these stories are sure to send some shivers down your spine.

Alien Healing Claims

May 29, 2020
Over the years, there have been many stories of extraterrestrials / alien beings healing afflicted humans. Many of these accounts are hard to fathom, but there are a few that make one wonder on the authenticity of the claim.

First Contact: Are Aliens Actually People from the Future?

May 29, 2020
One of the debates that has hovered around the UFO phenomenon is just what UFOs are. For some they are experimental aircraft being tested by the government. For others they are alien spaceships from across space, here on their inscrutable missions. Other ideas are that they are interdimensional interlopers, shifting across the bridge between realities from some parallel dimension. Yet, these are not the only ideas out there, and one that is gaining more and more attention is that aliens might not be any of the above, but rather human beings from the future.

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Lady of the Swamp

May 28, 2020
Born in 1881, Margaret Clement was the daughter of the very wealthy director and large shareholder of the Victorian gold mining company, Peter Scott Clement. Considering at the time their father was one of the wealthiest men in Australia, Margaret and her family lived a life of opulence most could only dream of. Theirs was a fantasy world of luxurious vacations, shopping trips, expensive clothes, and high society, and even when Peter Clement died during World War I, their substantial inheritance meant they were essentially set for life, and Margaret and her sister Jeannie continued to live a life of luxury, travelling around Europe from their home in Melbourne. They had the perfect life, but dark days were ahead, and they were about to descend into one of the most mysterious missing person cases in Australian history.

When the Phantom Black Dogs are Accompanied by People

May 26, 2020
Most people who have an interest in the fields of Cryptozoology and the supernatural will have heard of the “Phantom Black Dogs.” If, however, you have not, here’s a brief summary. The Anomalies website states: “Tales are told of a large semi-phantom dog with fur that’s blacker than the night and eyes that burn like red coals. These ‘Black Dogs’ appear and disappear in a moment, and can be solid as any true dog or thin as smoke whenever they wish. Black Dogs are one of the more complicated paranormal phenomena reported, both having a clearly legendary base of stories coupled with claims of first and second-hand actual sightings and encounters. Are they a story that has come to be mistaken for real? Or are they a real phenomena that has been cloaked in myth? It’s unlikely a clear answer will ever be found.”

The Mysterious Moving Coffins of the Chase Family Vault

May 25, 2020
Barbados may be known as a popular tourist destination, but local culture and history involve more than just white sand beaches and fruity mixed drinks. In the center of the island is Christ Parish Church, whose graveyard—like many graveyards—has a few ghost stories. One particular tale involves a family’s tragic saga, and a legacy of postmortem unrest.

New Discoveries About an Ancient and Deadly Mesoamerican Ballgame

May 24, 2020
Sports. They’re essential to health and fitness, a welcome distraction in times of stress and a sign of human evolution from the killing competition of war to the friendly competition of games with former enemies that mimicked battle without the deadly consequences. There’s evidence that ancient China had sports as long ago as 2000 BC and the birth of modern sports dates back to ancient Greece and the Olympics

Strange Encounters with Truly Enormous UFOs

May 22, 2020
There have been countless UFO sightings and encounters over the decades, which have taken all shapes and sizes. There seems to be no agreed upon norm for how a UFO should look, and while saucer-shaped or spherical are the most common, they really do run the range of appearances. And then you have the sizes reported, from tiny to very large. How big would you say a UFO would have to be before it would be considered truly imposing? As big as a bus? An airliner? How about larger still? What would you think of a UFO the size of a football field or even beyond? While rare, there have been some reports of UFOs of these sorts of dimensions, and here we will look at some of the biggest ever reported.