Pedophilia crimes against children inside and outside the church – Time to acknowledge the child sex trafficking problem

February 02, 2019

Earlier this year Health Impact News investigative reporter John P. Thomas began a series of articles on child sex trafficking within the Roman Catholic Church.

Pedophilia in Non-Catholic Churches.

Other Christians who are not part of the Catholic Church might be tempted to believe that such horrible crimes could never happen in their particular church or denomination.

However, the Star Telegram in Fort Worth, Texas has recently published a series of articles covering an 8-month investigation in the Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches across the U.S. showing that sexual abuse against children has been rampant and covered up for years.

According to their investigative team:

A team of four (Katie Bernard, Jenna Farhat, Cortlynn Stark and Sorayah Zahir) searched news reports and court filings from across the country for cases of abuse. Star-Telegram reporter Kaley Johnson put in dozens of records requests for police reports and court cases.

The Star-Telegram also reviewed court documents, emails, notarized statements, text messages, notes from contemporaneous conversations, Bible college class material and books written by independent fundamental Baptist pastors.

The Star-Telegram counted 187 independent fundamental Baptist churches and affiliated institutions that had been affected by sexual abuse allegations. The Star-Telegram included in its count churches where alleged abusers had served before or after alleged abuse occurred because the allegations could affect the congregants.

Each institution was counted only once, even if it had multiple abusers.

The Star-Telegram found 412 sexual misconduct allegations. Some of the alleged abusers have only one allegation against them; others have accusers in the double-digits. Forty-five alleged abusers were permitted to continue serving in the ministry after allegations were brought to church officials, even sometimes law enforcement.

In all, the Star-Telegram interviewed over 200 people: Pastors, ex-pastors, ex-members, current members, theologians, people who said they’d been abused and people who had been convicted of sex crimes.

Churches, both Catholic and non-Catholic Christian churches, are a huge part of the child sex trafficking problem in the U.S.

These religious institutions receive significant government funding for foster care and adoption services, which we have reported for years now is a Child Trafficking multi-billion dollar business employing hundreds of thousands of people.

Church-sponsored organizations, most also receiving significant government funds, are necessary for the State to continue taking children away from parents and putting them into the lucrative foster care and adoption system. Here are a few samples, for example, of Baptists participating in the foster care business:

Free Will Baptist Children’s Home

Florida Baptist Children’s Homes

Houston’s First Baptist Church

We are not accusing any of these organizations for wrong-doing, or denying that they do provide some valuable services to their communities, we are simply pointing out that children are being sexually abused in a corrupt foster care and adoption child trafficking business, and that includes churches.

Earlier this year, Lisa Wheeler of the National Review published a commentary entitled “Pro-Life Should Include Foster Care, Too,” criticizing American churches for not participating more in state-sponsored foster care programs.

However, it is clear that churches are part of the problem, not the solution, when they allow children to be trafficked, especially to pedophiles.

It is likely that many well-intentioned church members are largely unaware of the abuses happening in the foster care and adoption system.         As Texas Judge Janis Graham Jack has written in her ruling that the State of Texas’ foster care system is unconstitutional, abuses within the system (very few children are removed from their families due to “abuse”) are “the norm”:

Texas’s PMC (Permanent Managing Conservatorship) children have been shuttled throughout a system where rape, abuse, psychotropic medication, and instability are the norm.

Time for the Public to Wake Up and Understand that Child Sex Trafficking is a Huge Problem, NOT a Conspiracy Theory.

As we have investigated the problem of child sex trafficking, we have discovered that the problem reaches to the most elite members of society, and that they depend upon the public not understanding what is happening, or minimizing it and excusing most reports as “Conspiracy theories.”

In response to this problem, we recently covered the meeting earlier this year in Westminster, London by The International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ), as the court convened over a 3-day period to launch their Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse.

Therefore, in the third installment of John P. Thomas’ investigative reports into child sex trafficking, we seek to help the public understand the full scope of this horrific problem.

This problem will continue to exist until enough people in the public wake up and decide something needs to be done to stop this problem.