Truck driver encounters angry Yowie?

March 26, 2019

A truck driver from Queensland, Australia claims to have had a rather  harrowing encounter with the proverbial ‘Bigfoot of Down Under’ known as  the Yowie. The unsettling incident reportedly occurred this past November as the man was making a morning delivery.  As he was driving through a remote forested area, he turned a corner and  suddenly saw what appeared to be a boulder rolling down a hill, which  led him to slam on his breaks to avoid a dangerous collision.
However, when the ‘rock’ came to rest in front of the man’s truck, he  quickly realized that this was no rolling stone as the oddity seemingly  became untucked, so to speak, and revealed itself to be a huge hairy  creature that stood on two legs.

According to the witness, the beast  looked to be around nine feet tall, since its navel was flush with the  hood of his vehicle which sits six feet off the ground. The man’s close  proximity to the creature allowed for him to get a great look at the  Yowie and he noted that it sported a small head atop an oversized body  entirely covered in hair that looked to be around two inches long.
As he was eyeballing the creature, it would seem that the beast was doing the same to him and didn’t like what it was seeing.