UFO sghting in Mauritius

March 27, 2020

JP Hague is the National Director of MUFON in Mauritius, an Indian Ocean island nation off the coast of Madagascar. In the latter half, he discussed curious anomalies found on the island plus major UFO cases that have occurred there. Hague, an attorney, had his first UFO sighting while living in London, in which a diamond-shaped object "pulsed into reality" and seemed to have a telepathic aspect.

While still in the UK, he lived in a haunted house with poltergeist activity and began to believe that some paranormal phenomena was linked to UFO encounters. In October 2018, he had another personal sighting, this time in Mauritius, of a meteorite-like object, which made a seemingly impossible 90-degree turn.

A major sighting in Mauritius, dubbed the 'Tamarin Lights,' took place in August 2010. Comparable in scope to the 1997 'Phoenix Lights' case, a large crescent-shaped craft the size of two football fields was photographed, he detailed. Hague saw something similar himself, describing it as an "enormous eruption of fairy lights," that blinked on and off in a cycle, in July 2015. He also reported on a woman's encounter with a hovering craft outside her cottage. She saw the "circular underbelly" of the ship up close, which her son tried to enter. As she screamed out to him to stop, she caught sight of humanoid alien beings inside the vehicle. The creature's craniums were twice the size of humans, she recalled, and they had exceptionally long and thin arms.