UFO sightings by military personnel

February 21, 2019
Air Force

North Dakota, USA “When I was a kid, I was a military brat. I lived on Minot AFB in North Dakota in the late 80s and early 90s. 

One summer I was in the backyard playing in the pool we had set up. While playing I saw something reflect sunlight off the water. I looked up and saw a shiny metallic triangle craft. It was silent and spinning and just above the rooftop level in the air. I never heard of UFO’s or aliens at the time so I thought it was a weird airplane that I had never seen before flying directly above my head. 

I panicked thinking it would crash into base housing because of how low it was, how quiet it was and I thought the engines were out and it was going down. I told my sister to go get mom and call the SP’S and tell them there was going to be a lot of people hurt when this crashed into the housing. 

While she got my mom, I watched in awe as this thing never got lower in the air and in fact, continued to spin and cross the entire horizon. By the time my mom came out, the only thing you could see is a quick flash as the triangle reflected light from the sun every time it spun around in the distance. I’ve never seen anything like it since nor have I heard of any reports like it in my life.” - UniformedDisorder
Craig from Minneapolis called to tell of a his weird experience:

“So my story was in Greece. I was in the military and we were there on a NATO mission training with Greek soldiers. And we had some time off. I was with my buddies. They were kind of touring around Greece. And we walked into this, I believe, Greek Orthodox Church.

I have no religious background whatsoever. We were in the church and one of the guys said, ‘They have these candles and we should light these candles.’ I honestly don’t remember what the candles were all about but I remember lighting the candle. Anyway, we were walking back towards the port, and, you know, big steep hill. I was kind of ahead of everybody in my group and all of a sudden I heard this voice that said: ‘Get out of the way!’ And I kind of reached out to this, like, pole, and I reached out and I grabbed the pole and kind of swung around. At that very minute, this car came up on the sidewalk and hit the wall that was next to me.

It would have ran me over had I not gotten out of the way. These three Greek guys kind of get out, they kind of push the car back like nothing happened and kept on going and my buddies come running down the hill and they are like, ‘Are you alright?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, fine. Did one of you guys yell get out of the way?’ And they said, ‘No, we didn’t say anything. We didn’t know it was happening.’ And I just had this voice that said, Get out of the way! I very vividly remember that very moment.”

Source: Darkness Radio – January 4, 2017 San Antonio, Texas, USA “Personally, I and about 80 U.S. Airmen in police training school at the U.S. Air Force base in San Antonio, Texas were in line for breakfast. We all saw FIRST: A UFO or dim white light doing “impossible” things in the extremely clear early morning nighttime sky.

It was a light that was zigzagging or “flying” like a butterfly eventually going from a very high angle in the clear sky to near the horizon below the point of the near-setting full moon in the west direction. Then it traveled, still jerking-around like a butterfly, back to the high angle far above the horizon eventually to disappear after a few minutes of display roughly three miles away. One airman was so frightened that he yelled out,

“Its not moving!” I responded in a loud voice that the light or UFO moved from high up in the sky down to near the horizon, below the moon, and back up high again. The other airmen remained in the lunch-line like good little well-trained soldiers saying nothing after witnessing it all. NEXT, another airman approached me and told me about a lot of other UFO’s in a different direction, because I was so vocal about the first light being a real UFO. So, we sat on the street curb watching for them. Only moments later, we both saw light shows that were out of this world to which I excitedly asked him in order to confirm my own observation,

“What did you see!” He confirmed my own observation. We saw extremely bright, white lights, maybe 30 to 50 feet across or in diameter and perhaps either spherical or like dinner-plates in shape, appeared out of the east but not extending from the distant horizon, and traveled one at a time nearly over us but to the south.

They traveled about 700 miles per hour at roughly 800 to 1,000 feet or more in altitude and perhaps 500 to 800 feet south of us. None of them made detectable sounds.

But at such a close distance, jets or even propeller-driven airplanes or helicopters would have sounded very loud to extremely loud to our ears. Suddenly, each extremely bright, white light, some blinking rapidly on and off just like strobe sights, coming from the east suddenly!!! made an impossible right angle turn on a pin-point thus traveling south. Then they’d disappear before reaching the horizon. No 700 mph jet or missile does instant 90-degree turns and they are very loud. This show lasted for several minutes and that other airman and I both saw the same things.

Later that day, I visited one of the other barracks or living quarters and interviewed several airmen. They all acknowledge what I saw, so I was not dreaming or imagining it. My notes are still here with me and some of my notes I do not recall but indicate that I saw other UFO’s. Strange.” - Farmer Bold