Woman Claims to Have Taken Photograph of 'Bigfoot Print' near Shushwap Falls in British Columbia, Canada

May 27, 2020

The print found by McRann near Shushwap Falls.  (Sarah McRann)

The print found by McRann near Shushwap Falls. (Sarah McRann)

Vernon, British Columbia resident Sarah McRann said she was at Shushwap Falls outside of Lumby on Sunday, April 12th, when she found a footprint she suspects could have come from a sasquatch.

“This is not an animal print and I wouldn’t say a man print either,” McRann told the Vernon Morning Star. “I have actually seen a bigfoot before in 2018, and last summer I had a bunch of UFOs follow me back from the border and I have plenty of those photos as well as they were all the way to Kelowna.”

Local wildlife expert Pete Wise, owner of Wise Wildlife Control Services, was skeptical of McRann’s assessment, explaining that proper tracking requires more than a single print.

“Just having a footprint is very difficult,” he said.

Wise added that, between being a member of Vernon Search and Rescue and his wildlife control business, he's spent decades outdoors and never seen any bigfoot.

“I’ve spent my entire life in the bush,” he said. “I’m not saying it’s not here. I’ve got buddies who swear they’ve seen him, but what did you see?”

Conservation officer Tanner Beck was similarly dubious of the print, suggesting that perhaps it was made by a shoe.

“Hard to tell, but it doesn’t look like wildlife,” he said.

Regardless of the veracity of McRann’s photograph, she said she hopes that, if nothing else, it might distract people from the dire stories inundating their news feeds since the advent of the global coronavirus pandemic.

“Thought it would lighten some moods,” she said.

British Columbia, Canada, is known for its cryptid sightings, among them the sea serpent cadborosaurus, and of course, bigfoot.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) has recorded many dozens of reported sightings from the area, dating back over a century, with the most recent coming from February of 2018.


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