Again and again

November 03, 2018

We are into the last day of a four-day holiday with All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.

We take time off to visit our beloved dead and we flock to the cemeteries to visit their tomb or  vaults (for those who have been cremated). I was watching the news on television yesterday and most of it showed the tons of garbage left by those who visited the Manila North Cemetery. Why are we like this?

Why can’t we discipline ourselves to throw our trash in the proper disposal bins or plastics (which is not environment-friendly)?

Why throw our wastes in the grounds near the tombs? Why are we like this?

Don’t we care for the cleanliness and sanitation of the area where our beloved are buried? It’s like a never ending cycle of reminders to throw our garbage or trash or litter properly.

But we still throw our litter indiscriminately where it is convenient for us, again and again. Why do we lack respect and concern for our surroundings? 

What  will it take for many of us to take the extra effort or the extra steps to throw our waste paper or food remnants properly? I see people who do this as one who do not care at all for their surroundings, their neighborhood, their city.

Sometimes, when I see people throw their trash anywhere, I am tempted to tell them, ‘who gets affected by your lack of concern for the cleanliness around you?’ 

When you look at the bigger picture, why do you think we are experiencing severe heat and flooding today?

Do you know that we have all contributed to the extreme climate changes that we are having now? We complain and whine but when we are asked to do something about it, such as throwing our garbage properly and even segregating these, we don’t comply.

Again, it will take truckloads of garbage to clean up the Manila North Cemetery. Just like the tons of garbage that was collected at Roxas Boulevard, Manila,  after the past super typhoons. 

But when we are in other countries, we take special care in throwing our small paper in the trash bins designated for these. But here in our country, many of us just don’t seem to care.

And who gets affected? All of us. Enough of niceties. We have to be strict already when it comes to proper trash disposal, particularly in public areas.

I know we have many anti-littering rules and regulations but we lack the proper implementation and the punishment that go with it. It really is indeed frustrating. If we don’t change our actions and attitude towards our anti-littering  actions, I really am afraid we will become one of the dirtiest places in this planet.

MMDA and the LGUs should really become stricter now and implement the anti-littering laws. We have plenty of these but the lack of strict, and I mean strict implementation is indeed pathetic. It’s a shame. Our lack of respect and care for our surroundings is a shame.

Schools are doing their part but once the students get out of their compound, they may try their best to apply what they learn but when they see their elders litter, what do you think will happen?

If we say we love our neighborhood, our cities, our country, then let’s do our part in keeping our surroundings clean, for the living and the dead.