Albayalde, Eleazar need all the help they can get in war vs rogues

I’M saying this amid the reality that the Duterte government’s war on drugs can’t be won as long as there are rogues in uniform, specifically policemen who are directly or indirectly involved in illegal drug trafficking and abuse and other illicit activities to earn money by taking advantage of the bloody crackdown. Thus, the PNP leadership needs all the help they can get from the public and their men in this campaign which won’t end as long as the enemies are within.

These scalawags are the ones who are sabotaging the PNP campaign and adding up to wrong public perception that police can’t be trusted  although the truth is that majority of the force remain to be honest. Honestly, i would say that the presence of the police scoundrels have triggered questions on what has happened to the PNP transformation program. Is it being cascaded down the ground or involves only the higher-ups?

The presence of hoodlums in uniform came into fore anew this week when NCRPO chief, Director Gilor Eleazar said he won’t apologize to Police Officer 2 Mario Quibete, the rogue anti-narcotics agent of the Eastern Police District whom he berated in a nationally-televised confrontation. President Duterte has backed up Eleazar for his action and PNP chief, Gen. Oscar Albayalde said he could have done more on Quibete if he was the one who confronted the latter.

These are the words of Eleazar:  “Dinuro-duro ko talaga at hindi po ako magsosorry sa mga iyan. Hindi po ako magsosorry sa mga tarantadong pulis. Humihingi ako ng paumanhin sa taumbayan sa outrage na naipakita ko, pero tao lang po at bilang ama ng NCRPO ay talaga namang sinong hindi magngingitngit sa katarantaduhang ginagawa ng mga iyan?”  Well said General.

Continuing presence of rogue anti-narcotics agents involved in so-called ‘bangketa/hulidap’ activities has been exposed anew this week following a series of counter-intelligence operations conducted by the NCRPO and the PNP Counter-Intelligence Task Force headed by Senior Superintendent Bong Caramat.

Last Wednesday evening, NCRPO and Southern Police District officials led by Chief Supt. Ely Cruz served the warrant of arrest issued against seven former members of the Station Drug Enforcement Unit of the Las Piñas City Police who were placed under restrictive custody at the NCRPO headquarters after they got involved in a similar scheme in November last year.

Cruz told me that after getting the warrant of arrest for kidnapping with serious illegal detention issued against the seven by a Tagaytay City judge from Silang, Cavite police commander, Chief Inspector Resty Soriano, he and Eleazar made sure that the seven would be arrested immediately.  The seven were accused of extorting money from a sister of an arrested drug offender in exchange for his freedom.

Prior to that, NCRPO Regional Drug Enforcement Unit operatives arrested Quibete while members of the PNP-CITF arrested another agent of the Pasay City Police Station Drug Enforcement Team.

The suspects’ modus operandi is the same: they will arrest or snatch a suspected drug offender and threaten their captives with non-bailable offense for drug trafficking if they will fail to come across their huge monetary demands, mostly ranging from P100,000 and up to P1 million. The accused are also known for stealing the cash and other valuables including jewelry pieces, cell phones and even motor vehicles and motorcycles of their preys by forcing them to sign deeds of sale.