All Souls’ Day and All Saints’ Day

October 28, 2019

By tradition, November 1 and 2 are holidays in honor of our beloved departed, a time for us to remember our loved ones who have gone ahead to the life after.

These two solemn days should and must be sacred to all of us by giving honor and offering prayers to all those who we have loved in life; and we must continue to love and honor them till the end of time.

It is only right for all of us never to forget our beloved parents, relatives and friends who have been good to us. Let us never forget to pray for them everyday.

That’s how we must remember them on a daily basis as we did when they were alive. In giving respect to our beloved departed, we must remember them everyday, not only on special occasions. We must continue to relive their life on earth when they were with us, even if they are no longer with us physically. On the spiritual side of our relationship with our beloved departed, that must continue forever.

Our parents and loved ones must be respected even in death for someday, we will meet them again.


Manila Mayor Isko Moreno wants a more solemn “Undas.” He has a point for us to consider. The Mayor is right at napapasobra na ang tradisyon na minana natin sa ating mga ninuno. Pero noong unang panahon, maiwan man sa sementeryo ang mga relatives to honor their beloved departed, hindi naman nag-iingay at naglalasing sa puntod ng mga minamahal natin na yumaon. Imbes na magdasal at bumisita sa ating mga mahal na yumaon, dapat nga naman may solemnity sa ating pagbisita sa sementeryo.

Just remember na dasal ang kailangan ng mga yumaon na minahal at mahal pa rin natin buong buhay.

Ang gandang makita na ang isang pamilya honoring their parents and other loved ones in the sacred ground ng sementeryo.

Pag ako ang bumisita sa aking mga magulang, I talk to them, silently, and cry my heart out for missing them; and asking for their help. Nahiling ako ng tulong sa kanila.

I make sure to bring Holy Water to bless them and pray for them after having my secret silent conversation. I talk to my parents individually, as I do daily in my private chapel. I always start my day communing with God and Our Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of God.  

I always implore the help from my parents.

There must be some solemnity and propriety when we visit our beloved departed. Hindi na kailangang mag-party at magtawanan buong araw. As Mayor Isko said, he wants a more solemn “Undas.” It is appropriate to behave when visiting the dead.

Let us shed off the habit of having fiesta during “Undas.” Our beloved departed would prefer that we silently talk to them; ask them for favors; and pray for them.

The holy ground of the cemetery wherein our dearly beloved are buried calls for sobriety and solemnity.

Instead of staying the whole day in the cemetery, break the habit by visiting them more often during the year.

Visits to the cemetery to be with our loved ones are moments to connect with our departed loved ones in silent prayers.

Just bear in mind that our beloved departed want prayers and more prayers. That’s more meaningful than having a party by their grave.

They are on another plain that demands sanctity and purity of thoughts to be bestowed upon them.

Prayer, prayer and more prayer all year round is what is expected of us by our dearly beloved departed.

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