February 02, 2020

PHILIPPINE National Police chief, General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa irked by reports that some unscrupulous persons  are dropping his name to curry favors from the police has ordered his men to arrest these ‘name-droppers’ on the spot.

He particularly directed his men to go all-out against illegal gambling operators as well as ‘PNP outsiders’ who are bragging they could have an officer appointed to a sensitive PNP position since they are ‘malakas’ to the PNP chief.

The Journal Group was told that last week, Gen. Gamboa ordered his men to go after those dropping his name in order to gain favors from officials seeking placement and promotion or to perpetrate their illegal activities specifically gambling.

Gen. Gamboa said he has not authorized any illegal gambling operations since from the day he was designated as PNP Officer-in-Charge last October 14 he has declared a ‘no-take policy.’

“May sinasabi sila na pinag-iipon ng PNP chief. No, there is no such thing. Hulihin niyo lahat ng operators ng illegal gambling at wala akong kinomisyon. I want to make that clear,” he told his ground commanders while admitting that some people are already using his name.

The PNP chief has reiterated his nationwide order for a crackdown against ‘video-karera’ machines as part of his ‘no-take’ policy on illegal gambling activities even as he called on his men to arrest and charge ‘Chief,PNP name-droppers.’

Journal Group sources said that Gen. Gamboa also had told all his commanders to refrain from engaging with persons who are projecting themselves to be ‘very close’ with him and are said to be meddling in the assignment of some police officials.

The PNP chief specifically named one Victor ‘Ekits’ Noval whom he said is not affiliated with him in any matter. The man is said to be projecting himself as ‘very malakas’ to Gen. Gamboa that he can seek the placement to key positions of even unqualified and non-performing officials.

During the term of Gen. Gamboa’s predecessor and classmate from Philippine Military Academy ‘Sinagtala’ Class of 1986, now retired Gen. Oscar D. Albayalde, sources said that a number of unscrupulous persons took advantage of their alleged association with the former PNP chief to engage in illegal gambling activities specifically banned ‘video-karera’ operations or meddle in the PNP placement and promotion system.

“Some of these people projected themselves as closely affiliated with Gen. Albayalde to the point that police did not touch their illegal activities since they were actually presenting their pictures with the PNP chief during special events.  Unknown to the former PNP chief, others also meddled in the placement and promotion system in the PNP using the name of Gen. Albayalde,” said an active senior police official.

Gen. Gamboa on Friday went to Camp Karingal to join QCPD director, Brigadier General Ronnie S. Montejo in destroying the VK machines seized in separate operations conducted by the 12 QCPD stations and other units. He also said he wants other police regional units and districts to destroy confiscated VK machines every week until all of them have been obliterated.

‘VK’ games have been associated with illegal drug use since authorities say that they are mostly placed on highly-crowded areas, specifically those belonging to informal settlers where there are known high incidents of illegal drug trafficking and abuse.

The PNP chief earlier ordered his men to strictly comply with his ‘no-take’ policy’ or face administrative relief and investigation once outside PNP units specifically the PNP Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group managed to conduct successful anti-illegal gambling operations in their areas.

The PNP-IMEG headed by Colonel Ronald O. Lee is currently conducting operations to bust illegal gambling activities in the country amid complaints from the general public which mostly say that their reports to local police officials about the presence of illegal gambling activities just literally fall on deaf ears.

Gen. Gamboa  has ordered the PNP-IMEG to go after chiefs of police and station commanders who will be found to have completely ignored persistent public complaints about the proliferation of different forms of illegal gambling activities in their areas.

“The One-Strike policy will strictly apply to unit commanders who will fail to curb these illegal activities in their areas of responsibility,” he said.