Are Mang Inasal owners aware of bad service?

February 16, 2019

A group of vacationing friends are calling the attention of the owners of  ‘Mang Inasal’ for the shabby delivery service it provides although in fairness, I doubt very much if its owners are even aware of such incompetence.

Yesterday, they placed an order at around 12 noon for delivery in the Ermita-Malate area. According to them, they provided the necessary landmarks, contact number  and what-have-you.

After about an hour and a half, they again contacted the same number -- #71111 -- to follow up their order since  they received neither a text message nor a call to update them if their order was on its way or what.  To their disappointment, they were placed on hold for a long period of time and had nearly memorized the audio advertisement they were made to listen to, the entire time they were waiting for anyone to get back to them.

When ten minutes had passed and it became apparent that they had been totally, forgotten they decided to redial. As they complained of having been put on hold with no one obviously getting back to them soon, the said customers were told that a check was being done on what happened to their order. That long? Really?

The said customers said they had not had any breakfast at all and were already too hungry to wait again so they decided to just cancel their order.  This was when the guy on the other end of the line told the customer that they would just get in touch through the mobile phone number given earlier. The customer reiterated they were cancelling already and then ended the call.

Judging from the length of time they were put on hold just for the so-called ‘verification’ as to the status of the order, I say the customers concerned made the right decision to cancel.

By the way, they said that placing the order was already an agony since many of what they originally wanted to order were ‘out of stock.’  When asked if the meals come with drinks, the lady order-taker told the customer the meals may or may not have drinks and that it’s up to the customer, when the question was answerable by a ‘yes’ or a ‘no.’

To those in charge of taking orders and deliveries, this may mean nothing because all they have to do is cancel.  But to the customers (who knows how many more had the same kind of experience?)  who were unduly starved and had to wait for nothing only to end up ordering anew, the whole experience was annoying. Does Mang Inasal really mean business? If so, its owners better ensure that their staff or service contractors take their customers seriously. Otherwise, I suggest it change its name to ‘Mang Inasar.’

* * *

Anyway, right after that, the same customers said they called up the direct line of the Savory Restaurant branch at the corner of Harrison and Buendia  in Pasay City, a favorite hangout of theirs before they went abroad.

In a  little over 20 minutes, they said the delivery man came knocking at their door and the customers were finally able to eat their ‘brunch’ although at around 2 p.m. already.

By the way, they said they were surprised to find out that there is a branch of Mang Inasal located  a ‘tumbling’ away from where they stayed.

* * *                                            

Speaking of food, some regulars at the Rizal Park Hotel highly commend the courteous staff of Café Rizal led by executive chef Vill Purificacion, captain waiter Allan Mira, bartender Adel Sabile, cashier Lalaine Penaso, captain waiter Patrick Aldana and trainee Paolo Pangilinan.

According to them, aside from the friendly service offered by its staff, the said restaurant’s delicious food is also a reason good enough for one to return to that place.

* * *

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