Are you really recycling?

October 27, 2018

For many years now, we have been advised to recycle our trash, our clothes, and other items in our possessions.

I even see it in announcements in our neighborhood and even the barangay.

The reason for recycling is also related to climate change and how our resources are dwindling especially water, and that we should really learn to save on many items that we have been taking for granted.

But are we indeed recycling starting with our water and trash at home. It is indeed easy to just throw water that we use to wash our clothes rather than use it again to wash the garage, the cars or what other not so delicate items in our midst.

What about with our clothes.

we just discard them instead of recycling these to serve as mops, or even stuffings.

And are we really segregating our trash to bio-degradable and non-biodegradable? From experience, I admit that it is difficult to recycle.

It is easy to just throw away items. I even have a friend who, when I am about to throw a plastic wrapper, will ask it from me and say that she is recycling plastics and for me to give it to her.

I know plastic is the worst thing to throw as it clogs arteries and is one of the many causes of flooding. She also asks me for small electronic items that I would just throw away such as destroyed chargers, cellphones, etc.         So it is easy for me to just hand it to her and I am grateful that she is into this and making my life easier. But what about others? Time is running out when it comes to climate change and anything connected with it.

We cannot afford to dilly-dally any longer. We have to do something right now and the thing is this recycling aspect of our life is right there in front of us.

If we are just committed and focused on doing the right process of recycling, then we can do a lot of things to help save the world we live in for the next generation. I find that once we commit to recycling, it will be a way of life for many of us.

And this is a good thing to do.

If you readers have suggestions on recycling, please do write me here at and let’s share our simple know-how on how we can our part in relation to this huge problem.

Those staying in multi-story condomiinium buildings should also help me spread the word on effective means of recycling.

How are you helping your fellow condo residents recycle their items? Do you have more tips and practical suggestions?

The simpler these tips are, the better and more doable.

And how are you raising the awareness of your fellow condo residents on recycling?

Is your building administration also into recycling awareness?

The more suggestions, the better.

You and I cannot do it alone. The more we are into this campaign, the better for all concerned.