Attempt to tar poll is hogwash

Getting it right, full, and fast all the time.

This may be a mission impossible for some, but it is the hard universal expectations of the reading public from a media entity, especially now that the nation is bracing for a midterm election.

And as the campaign runs into the home stretch this week lies, this information and, brazing black propaganda for or against certain candidates abound.

Welcome to the twilight zone of electoral politics in the country!

Political propaganda, sabotage, and demolition jobs are the order of the day.

Ped Xing calls on all eligible voters, especially the millennials, to go through a very important exercise – discernment.

This simply means carefully, meticulously sizing up the character capacity and competence of candidates they wish to vest their precious, priceless trust through the ballot.

Surveys or polls are supposed to provide voters with a running tally of how candidates are faring in terms of voter preference.

But are polls or surveys accurate outcome indicators?

Only if they remain pristine or not debouched.

And so surveys/polls can serve as divining rods for deliverance or damnation.

And so this earn and tread carefully as the devil is in the details of electoral deception.


The Issues and Advocacy Center slammed vicious attempts by the political kingpins of Quezon City who now find themselves fighting for dear life to retain political control of the nation’s premier city in what is being viewed as a hotly contested fight for the mayoral post between First District Congressman Vincent ‘Bingbong’ Crisologo and Vice Mayor Josefina ‘Joy’ Belmonte.

Ed M. Malay, director of The Center and the former PR and Media Adviser of Former President Fidel V. Ramos, said whomever was behind the publication of the story that was published by a tagalog tabloid on April 28 got their facts wrong in what he said as a crude attempt to discredit the survey made by The CENTER that showed Crisologo in a virtual statistical tie with Belmonte.

Malay said whomever concocted the published stories that appeared in the tabloid had only one goal in mind and that is to discredit the survey made by The CENTER apparently to negate its effects on the campaign of the affected candidate. The attempt to discredit the survey, according to Malay, was haphazardly done such that those behind it forgot to apply the most basic principles in reporting as this was mainly driven by their desire to embarrass The CENTER.

On the other hand, he said it would be unethical for The CENTER to question the pre-poll surveys conducted by the RP Mission and Development Foundation as well as that made by iSurvey which both showed Belmonte leading Crisologo even if both these surveys did not disclose their methodologies and the identity of the personages behind these organizations.

“It is not right to cast doubt on the conduct of these surveys  because at the end of the day, opinions will always vary and in the end it will still be the voters who will decide as surveys are merely based on perceptions at the time the survey was conducted. As such, perceptions will vary and are influenced by the political and social developments at the time the survey was extracted,” Malay pointed out.

Ped Xing’s thoughts, exactly


Imee Marcos, Conrado Ding Generoso, Francis Tolentino, Floren Hilbay and yes, even lawyer Neri Colmenares.

These are leaders with solid academic credentials, sterling public service records, and unassailable competence for the job.

They all deserve the people’s consideration for their shortlist of candidates for the Senate.

Ped Xing pal Imee needs no introduction – youth leader, provincial governor and member of Congress.

Her proactive provincial policies in Ilocos Norte made the province a center of progress in the North, and her new farmer empowerment advocacy is in step with the national drive for food sufficiency and security.

If you liked him as technical director and smooth spokesman of the presidential committee on Charter Change, you would like him better as senator.

A lifetime of preparation makes him not only ready but ripe for the job.

Generoso were a coat of many colors – a journalist, public relations executive, a government corporate communications officer (GSIS, PAGCOR, etc.), a congressional chief of staff, provincial executive assistant, an executive of a private economic think tank, medical journal editor and Malacañang consultant and Cabinet Aide.

In short he has been around, been there, and done that.

His broad perspective of business, government, social and other issues would greatly enhance the Senate’s deliberative exercise and legislative output.

Tolentino is an international law expert which the Senate needs in helping shape foreign policy, especially in treaty-making.

He has an impressive record as a local executive (Tagaytay City Mayor) and an impeccable administrator (Metro Manila development authority chief).

And he has the decency to quit a previous senate race on mere suggestions of improper conduct during a campaign rally.

That is delicadeza, a virtue now extinct in local politics.

Hilbay is a brilliant lawyer, law professor, and international legal negotiator non pareil in defending the country’s territorial sovereignty and integrity.

He is a patriot with strong political and social convictions that place people and country first above all other issues.

Colmenares may have leftist affiliations, but his legislative advocacies as a party list congressman clearly unequivocally focus on people’s welfare, good governance, and humane business and industrial practices.

These candidates are not survey chart-toppers, but they deserve to be on top of voter’s Senate shortlist.

Ped Xing is sorry it cannot say the same things for another Senate bet with a monosyllabic name, north Asian facial features, inane sound bites, and the serial shunning of live television debates with other candidates.

He only showed up willy-nilly in 2016 and is now topping surveys.

Both cream and scum really rise to the top.

Behold God’s glory and seek His mercy.

Pause and pray, people.