Automatic PWD coverage

February 11, 2019

Persons With Disabilities do not need a formal or official confirmation of their impaired physical condition.

This is because their bodily impairments are usually obvious or manifest.

Therefore, all benefits and privileges granted to them by law should be immediately made available when the need arises.

And so we agree with and support a Senate measure which seeks to make this happen asap.

All persons with disability (PWDs) would soon be provided with automatic health insurance once a bill seeking to amend Republic Act No. 7277, otherwise known as the Magna Carta for Persons with Disability, is signed into law.

The bill, also known as the Mandatory PhilHealth coverage for all Persons with Disability (PWDs), was transmitted to Malacañang last January 24. It would automatically lapse into law within 30 days if the President fails to act on it.

The bill’s sponsor, in the Senate, said the national government would shoulder the contributions for all PWDs unless the PWDs are working, in which case, the national government will share equal payments of the premium with the employer.

The funds necessary for the implementation of the act would be sourced from sin tax collection.

"PWDs are one of the most vulnerable segments of the population. It is doubly difficult when you have a disability and you become sick," the lady lawmaker and chief sponsor of the bill said.

Once approved into law, she said PhilHealth would be required to develop exclusive packages for the PWDs, taking into account their specific health and development needs.

She said the approval of the bill would provide much needed aid to sustain PWDs’ medical needs, including treatments and medicines which they were compelled to take and undergo because of their disabilities and sickness.