BBB not for politics

February 07, 2020

PUBLIC servants need to be shocked into realization that President Duterte’s highly-ambitious “Build, Build, Build” infrastructure program is not for politics and graft and corruption.

That’s why there’s that need for concerned government departments, offices and agencies to isolate the various big-budgeted BBB projects from politicization and corrupt activities.

The tough-talking President Duterte made this clear during last Tuesday’s 46th Cabinet meeting held at Malacanang, according to Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo.

The highly-articulate spokesman said Duterte wants to make sure that the people would feel and experience the improvement of infrastructure services under his six-year watch.

The Chief Executive from impoverized Mindanao started his six-year presidency in June 2016. Under the Constitution, Duterte’s term of office ends at 12 noon on June 30, 2022.

The Duterte administration’s BBB infrastructure program aims to spur economic growth and solve the traffic congestion in the country, particularly in Metropolitan Manila.

During the Cabinet meeting, Vivencio Dizon, chief executive officer of the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), gave updates on the status of the BBB’s 100 flagship projects.

Thirty-four projects are ongoing, 44 will commence construction within six to eight months, while 15 are in the “advanced stages of state approval.” The rest are in the “advanced stages of feasibility studies.”

Well-meaning Filipinos, like Duterte and other government officials, see the BBB program as a key to the socio-economic development of this Third World Southeast Asian nation of English-speaking people.