BdO Hypermart-Adriatico teller, a ‘pain in the @#?’

February 11, 2020

On Monday afternoon between 1:30 and 2 p.m., I went to the Banco de Oro branch at the Hypermart beside the Harrison Plaza, hoping to be able to finish my transaction quick. It was of course based on the fact that Harrison Plaza had closed shop and as such, the said bank is expected to be left with but a few customers which means no long queues for me.

I no longer brought my BDO Prestige card which I use to avail of priority lane. It was inside my bag that I left in the car.

Seeing that the bank had just a couple of clients anyway, I decided to just take a number and await my turn.  When it came, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The lady bank teller at the far right if you’re facing the booths, took my number and began processing my check deposit. I then remembered having another check inside my envelope that was complete with a filled-out deposit form and then handed it over once the first transaction was done.

To my surprise, the teller told me ‘single transaction ho ang nakalagay dito,’ referring to the customer slip I took from the machine.  In that machine, you have to press for a number that states your turn.  There are two options: single and multiple transaction.

I turned my head around and saw nobody. So I said, ‘wala namang tao’ and then told her that I am also a Prestige card holder and that I can get my card if it’s needed.  She did not say a word and then took the check and the accompanying deposit slip. It seemed that she wanted me to go back to the machine and get another slip stating ‘multiple transactions.’ Hahah.

As if this were not enough, she then presented another ‘problem’. She said the check could not be accepted because it had an erasure. I crossed out the account number at the back and changed it with another account number, although both account numbers were also with the BDO.

I was surprised because since time immemorial, I had been depositing checks here and there and so far has not encountered any problem with such erasures. I am well aware that the only thing that would create a problem is if the alteration or erasure is done on the face of the check.

So, I told the lady that. When she insisted, I explained that there should be no problem unless it’s the issuing authority who did such erasure. I also had my cellphone number written on the check and told her I could sign beside the alteration and she could xerox my ID although I knew it was not needed at all.  It was just to get things done fast as it was already eating up a lot of my time, so unnecessarily.

The teller went inside a room and made me wait like, forever. When she got out, she said they will accept the check but only for that one time. I again told her that actually, there really is no problem and I know so for certain.

Before I finally left, the lady teller, either bent on duping me or covering up her bruised ego, again delivered a line: ‘sa susunod hindi na ho puwede ha, kasi magkaka-problema sa clearing.’

Once again, I told her there was no such thing and then just left, since it would be such a waste of precious time on my part insisting on something that apparently is unknown to the teller or to someone who would not accept that she thought wrong.

Just the same, I called up two BDO bank managers I know and asked if there was any recent change in the policy involving checks and if any alteration at the back is now a cause for trouble in clearing and they both said ‘no.’ The two also confirmed what I know, that a problem may arise only if the alteration  is made on the face of the check.

I no longer told them about my ‘ordeal’ in the hands of a bank teller who apparently does not know anything about her job. The manager in that Hypermart BDO branch should apprise the tellers under her of basic banking rules and courtesy so that customers will not have to be unduly bothered and annoyed by nonsensical, ego-tripping ones.

As it is, there are no customers in that branch, one could hold a party right in the middle. Having such ‘mema (me masabi lang)’ tellers will only drive away whatever few clients is left with that bank. Paging, BDO.

* * *

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