Be careful what you wish for, Sen. Mark Rubio

IF the breakdown in the trade negotiations between the United States and China is not bad news enough, the “badder” news that yours truly finds really worrying is the announcement by US Republican Sen. Mark Rubio, that he has filed a bill for a “South China Sea and East China Sea Sanctions Act.”

From the article that I read at the South China Morning Post (SCMP) yesterday on the subject, there is an ongoing “bi-partisan effort” in the US Senate to have the proposal enacted into law, which in the main, is a hostile and discriminatory action by the United States against China.

Despite the bill’s parochial and self-imposed aim of “protecting” the peace and stability of Southeast Asia and those traversing the South China, even a fool would see that it is another act of open hostility by America against China.

As Rubio puts it, “This bipartisan bill strengthens efforts by the US and our allies to counter Beijing’s illegal and dangerous militarization of disputed territory that it has seized in the South China Sea.”

“This legislation reiterates America’s commitment to keeping the region free and open for all countries, and to holding the Chinese government accountable for bullying and coercing other nations in the region.”

That, at least is the premise, dear readers, although once implemented, the reality would be war.

Rubio, of course, is among the presidential wannabes in the Republican Party that US president Donald Trump trumped during the nomination process.

And whereas Trump has decided to use American economic might to curtail China’s growing economic power and influence, Rubio has shown he is far worse—he wants America to simply seize all of China’s assets and properties and which no amount of legislation by the US Congress can make this illegal and criminal act legal and acceptable, if the rule of law is to be observed.

If there is one lesson that America, blinded by its sheer arrogance borne out by its military might, seemed to have forgotten after Trump’s “trade war” with China, is this: China is no longer the White Man’s “punching bag” of a long-ago period, when America and Europe would happily divide China (and the rest of the world) among themselves.

Note that as soon as the trade talks between China and the US broke down last week, China has no bones also imposing stiff tariffs on American products. Tit-for-tat.

Now comes this effort by the US Congress, thru the likes of Rubio, for the wholesale confiscation of Chinese properties and assets over the pretext of “protecting” the peoples and sea lanes of Southeast Asia.

Does Rubio and his gangmates believe that China would just drop on its knees and beg for American “forgiveness?”

And what of the peoples of Southeast Asia, does America believe that we would also immediately jump into the American military bandwagon once the shooting starts on the claim that this would be for “our own good?”

Be careful if you are wishing for a war, Sen. Rubio. You might just get it but guess who would get beaten?