The ‘Ber’ months

September 23, 2018

We are just about to end the first ‘ber’ month, September, and we are already starting to hear Christmas carols, although intermittently.

We have just experienced one of the worst typhoons this year and many of our countrymen in the north have not yet recovered from the trauma of those harrowing days of strong winds and torrential rains. So how do you think we will be celebrating our holiday cheers in December?

I have to say it but we have to commiserate with our countrymen who will have practically a sad Christmas. I can only recommend this early that instead of buying gifts for relatives and friends who usually have more than what they already need, how about sending your usual recipients cards stating that instead of gifts, a donation or a gift bag containing goodies will be donated in his or her name to those who were left with nothing by the latest natural calamity.

You can always course your gift bags through local non-government organizations or through your own parishes or church organizations. Aside from the usual food items, you can include in your gift pack vegetable seedlings and farm tools for our farmers’ families to begin anew.

We also have to take into consideration what the typhoon victims really need and not over stuff them with relief goods which they already got from government institutions and our indefatigable Philippine Red Cross (PRC). And talking about PRC, I was glad to see them rolling out their equipment before the onslaught of the typhoon, pre-positioning themselves right away.

I was glad to see that this organization has its own bulldozer to remove those big debris blocking the roads. I know they have a mobile hospital and those three or was it four ten-wheeler trucks must have a mini-hospital inside. I would really recommend that if you or your neighbors would like to have a meaningful Christmas, see what the typhoon victims really need.

Government is doing their part as far as infrastructure is concerned. We as ordinary citizens can complement their efforts with items that we can afford to give instead of spending again for gifts to those not in need as I mentioned earlier. We are living in difficult times due to climate change.

We are experiencing extremes in weather conditions and we should really be united when it comes to addressing this issue. Start with small things like recycling and properly disposing of our trash. We should also think of our food as the places that were affected by “Ompong” were agricultural provinces.

Now is not the time to whine and complain and surround ourselves with negativity. Enough is enough. We are running out of time when it comes to climate change and these ‘ber’ months is the time we start thinking of acting on our future survival.

We should also communicate and connect with those affected for them to know that we, as citizens of this country are one with them in their sufferings and we are here to help, once and for all. We need action. We need implementors for the good of this country of ourse.