BI alert vs human traffickers: Calling Malateans

Another attempt at human trafficking was foiled by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) officers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), which, according to BI spokesperson Dana Sandoval, only goes to show that the BI has not let its guards down, inspite of the demoralization being caused among the ranks by allegations of irregularities.

Sandoval said that an alleged ‘victim’ —called as such on the presumption that she was unaware and pending the outcome of an investigation—  was intercepted after she was found in possession of counterfeit immigration departure stamps.

In his report to the office of the immigration Commissioner, BI Intelligence Division Chief Fortunato Manahan, Jr.  said that the passenger, a woman,  was attempting to board a Jetstar flight bound for Singapore last March 6 when she was intercepted by alert immigration officers assigned at the NAIA Terminal 1.

Sandoval said the victim had been endorsed to the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking for proper assistance in filing a criminal complaint against her recruiter.

In the meantime, her name is being withheld for her own protection and was initially referred for verification to the on-duty immigration supervisor while she attempted to enter the departure area of the said airport terminal.

Manahan said that upon presenting herself, the BI supervisor at that time noticed that the stamps on  her passport and boarding pass were spurious or fake and upon further verification, it was discovered that the stamp used was not a registered stamp at all.

It was during secondary inspection when the passenger confessed that she did not actually undergo immigration inspection and that she was intending to travel to Dubai for work under a job application with a certain agent whom she identified merely as “Rency.”

According to Manahan, the passenger was told to meet the said ‘agent’ at a fastfood chain in the departure area of NAIA Terminal 1. There, the alleged agent got a hold of her passport and boarding pass.  They already bore the fake stamps when the were returned to her.

Manahan explained that human traffickers would usually affix fake stamps in the passengers’ passports and boarding passes so that when asked by authorities, the victims could pretendthat they have already undergone the required immigration departure formalities.

This, he said, is the human traffickers’ cheap attempt to get their victims to evade immigration inspection since the human traffickers could not provide the victims with proper documents needed to work abroad.
Manahan firmly declared that these kinds of schemes will not succeed in view of the existence of the BI’s forensic document laboratory which is equipped with technologies that would detect bogus stamps with such swiftness and ease.


My niece and nephew, both Malateans like myself, have fed me information about a forthcoming benefit concert for their former mentor, Mr. Julius Baniqued, who joined the Malate Catholic School (MCS) in 1996.  He is a music teacher at the MCS and a mentor at the school’s Glee Club who also plays the piano/organ with the MCS choir during homecoming masses.

A group of Malateans are calling for help in supporting a benefit concert aimed at raising funds for the kidney transplant of Mr. Baniqued, currently a father of two.

The said benefit concert, slated to be held on March 21, is a collaboration of Malatean artists, former alumni officers, promising singers, the Parent-Teachers Association (PTAC) and professional entertainers who are waiving their talent fees to organize the said fund-raiser.

In exchange for entertainment provided specially by home-grown talents, Malateans are being urged to buy tickets, priced at P500 (general admission) and P800 (with dinner).  The event will be held at the J. Cardinal Sin gym of MCS on March 21, 2020 (Saturday) from  6pm to 10pm.

Those interested may buy tickets at the MCS. Look for Noel Elbanbuena of the Social Action Center or Connie of Student Affairs.


Beauty tip—Q: May mga wrinkles ho ako sa tagiliran ng aking mga mata. Ano ang maipapayo ninyong cream para pantanggal nito?/A- Wrinkles at the side of eyes are called ‘Crow’s feet’.  These are removed through botulinum toxin treatment or “botox” as well as exfoliation and hydration of the wrinkled area, best performed by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.  


Jokjok (from Charlotte Enriquez of Roxas District, Quezon City)—Caloy: Pare, ano ang pagkakaiba ng sanitary napkin at bra? Nato: Hmm…. Mahirap ‘yan pare, ah. Sige, sirit na./ Caloy: Ang sanitary napkin, parang parang ‘wala’ kahit ‘meron’.   Ang bra naman, parang ‘meron’ kahit ‘wala’.


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