BI teaches a lesson; grad rites need DeEp attention

REMMBER the Spaniard whose video went viral as he cussed at Makati City policemen who admonished his househelp for watering plants outside their residence without a face mask?

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has banned him from reentering the country ever again after he failed to show up when summoned and instead decided to flee, by placing him in the bureau’s ‘blacklist’.

BI intelligence chief Fortunato Manahan, Jr. said that Javier Salvador Parra, 49, departed last April 29 aboard a Qatar Airways flight to Doha enroute to his final destination in Madrid and has not returned since. The Makati incident happened three days prior or on April 26.

It will be recalled that Parra had a violent altercation and eluded arrest by policemen who, minutes earlier,  accosted his househelp for not wearing a face mask while outside their home in Dasmarinas Village.

Acting spokesperson Melvin Mabulac said Parra left while no formal charges were filed against him in court or by the BI, which was then investigating and conducting a case buildup against him.

According to Manahan, Parra was given until May 21 to submit his counter-affidavit and the notice asking him to answer the allegations against him was served at his residence which he apparently ignored, thus prompting the BI to charge him for deportation on the ground of undesirability.

“Even when he is out of the country, he could still file his answer to the allegations by engaging the services of a lawyer who could submit a counter-affidavit on his behalf. It was obvious that he really intended to disregard the notice by just ignoring it”, Manahan said.

By the way, the police have also filed a separate criminal complaint for several offenses against Parra before the Makati Prosecutor's Office.

As a blacklisted foreigner, Parra is now perpetually banned from reentering the Philippines for being an undesirable alien.

This, hopefully, would serve a warning to other foreigners in the country to bear in mind that their stay here is not a right.  It is merely a privilege that can be taken away anytime, on account of illegal or erroneous deeds like disrespecting our law enforcers.


A video of a recent graduation ceremony in a province would make one wonder if everybody in this country really has a full understanding of what COVID-19 is and how deadly it is.

The video I am talking about, which went around social media in the past few days, showed what appeared to be a provincial school’s 58th graduation rites. 

It was held underneath a nipa hut and was being supervised by a woman who, I would presume, is a school official. I believe it was in a province given the setting and the dialect spoken by the one apparently taking the video.

In it, students wearing complete while graduation outfits were called one by one to stand in front while holding what appeared as certificate of graduation, against a streamer or tarpaulin describing the event as a backdrop and complete with the traditional graduation song playing in the background.

What is particularly disturbing was the sight of the said woman putting on the same facemask on each of the students before the picture-taking begins.

More disturbing is that apparently, the students’parents were there taking their children’s pictures and also posing with them.

Clearly, no one raised any objection or worry that making the students wear the same facemask over and over is posing serious danger to their children’s health. Paging, DepEd… 


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Jokjok (from Rachel Avanzado of Imus, Cavite )--- MISIS:    Dear, iligaw mo nga  ‘tong pusa. Eto o, nakasako na. Dalhin mo sa malayong-malayo ha!/MISTER:    Ok! Ako bahala!/MISIS:   O, bakit ka ginabi? Ipinaliligaw ko lang sa ‘yo ‘yung pusa!?/ MISTER:  Eh  buwisit ang pusa na ‘yun eh! Nung itapon ko nakawala! Kundi ko nga siya sinundan, hindi ako nakauwi! 


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