A big help

March 31, 2020

PEOPLE worldwide, including Filipinos, are shocked and surprised by the speedy and monstrous spread of the dreaded coronavirus, alarming not only the poor and lowly but even the rich and mighty.

Fearing that the situation may go out of control, the Philippines decreed a crippling community quarantine in Luzon, drawing mixed reactions from various quarters, particularly the working class.

But note that the people are in unison in praising President Duterte and other government authorities for exerting their best efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus, which originated from China.

Admittedly, the Luzon-wide community quarantine will be that expensive because the government has to mobilize its manpower and financial resources to ensure the success of the gigantic undertaking.

No less than Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo, a lawyer like President Duterte, described the Luzon-wide community quarantine as a big help in slowing down the spread of the coronavirus.`

He disputed claims that the lockdown “has been ineffective” as shown by the increasing number of confirmed cases of COVID-19, particularly in the heavily-populated Metropolitan Manila area.

The Department of Health (DOH) attributed the increase to the acquisition of more testing kits in the country, including donations, enabling government authorities to examine more people.

The presidential spokesman claimed that had the community quarantine not been imposed by the Duterte administration, the number of coronavirus cases would have been staggering.

And the Filipino people are made to believe that the government, through concerned offices and agencies, is doing everything to contain, if not permanently halt, the spread of the virus.

In implementing the Luzon-wide community quarantine, the government of President Duterte means well and is determined to uplift the well-being of every citizen during trying times.