‘Bikoy’ reminds us of ‘Ador Mawanay’

THE sudden appearance before the Integrated Bar of the Phiilppines of Peter Joemel Advincula, the man who confessed he was the real ‘Bikoy’ to reiterate his claim in a series of videos that have gone viral actually again reminded the entire country of a man called Ador Mawanay.

Yes, the ‘Ador Mawanay’ whose exposes against former PNP chief-turned Senator Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson hogged the headlines in 2001 and cemented the latter’s stature as a fighting general-turned- politician who managed to come out clean despite all kinds of garbage thrown at him by his opponents. Now, it’s the time of ‘Bikoy’ to make sure he is holier than thou and substantiate his allegations against some members of President Duterte’ family.

Sen. Lacson said that like it or not, ‘Bikoy’ has become a political, if not an election issue, with his viral videos and surfacing topping the news again a week before the country elects 12 new senators, with major surveys showing what appears to be a majority win for Duterte’s candidates.

SPML, (that’s how we call Sen. Ping) said that this time, ‘Bikoy’ must present evidence to support his accusations lest he ends up just like Ador Mawanay.  Listen to these words from Sen. Lacson:  “I was a victim of fake news for the longest time in the past.” “The two original sources have since retracted their statements under oath, even apologized.” “I’m still waiting for those who spread those false information to show decency and some sense of responsibility to the public.”

It’s really déjà vu, it’s really insane to see ‘Bikoy,’ the anonymous whistleblower in the “Totoong Narcolist” viral video linking President Rodrigo Duterte, his family and allies to massive drug payoffs, surfacing to claim he decided to spill to beans due to threats to his life.

However, as this early, many have cast doubt on the integrity of ‘Bikoy’ who has been tagged by some as a ‘jukebox’ or a ‘professional hustler’ who would do anything in exchange for money. He also has to answer reports that he was jailed at the National Bureau of Investigation for large-scale illegal recruitment in 2016 apart from being accused of some other irregularities too.

Before Advincula showed up at the IBP, Sen. Lacson said that ‘Bikoy’ reminded him of Ador Mawanay, the bogus whistleblower used by the former Macapagal-Arroyo administration to demolish the senator nearyly two decades ago. “Nanumbalik sa akin si Ador Mawanay. Ganyan-ganyan din, nakadilim ang mukha, nagsasalita, nagaakusa,” the senator said.

Records will show that Mawanay, under the tutelage of then ISAFP chief, General Victor Corpuz had accused Lacson of keeping his alleged criminal payoffs in foreign bank accounts during his time as PNP chief under the Estrada administration. Both Mawanay and Corpuz had later apologized to Lacson and admitted that their allegations were fake.

In May 2017 or after 16 long years, retired ISAFP chief Corpuz finally admitted he was wrong in linking Sen. Lacson to drugs and other illegal activities. The retired military official read his “public apology” in a video posted on social media on a Holy Monday and said that the  source of his information linking Lacson to illegal activities such as drugs was “devious and a fraud.”

“This grievous mistake that I have committed maligned the reputation of Sen. Panfilo Lacson. With this grave error on my part, I humbly and sincerely offer my public apology to Sen. Lacson and his entire family,” Corpuz said. While the official did not elaborate, he was actually referring to Angelo “Ador” Mawanay who also made a complete turnaround in 2004, denying all the allegations he made against Lacson. Will ‘Bikoy’ be another Ador Mawanay years from now?