Biodiversity baroness

October 18, 2018

Active advocate of agriculture. First lady of fisheries.

Foremost forestry fighter. Sustainable livelihood lead campaigner.

Grand Baroness of Biodiversity.

The lady lawmaker can rightfully claim these lofty titles to her name.

Indeed, she presides over a wide vista of legislative advocacies involving natural resource mobilization and the provision of basic human needs.

Apparently, she believes man’s biological needs are also diverse.

And so she embraced biodiversity as a political and personal crusade.

You can never go wrong wearing the coat and armor of ecological preservation around.

It is a guarantee of universal political correctness and acceptance.

In short, it is a surefire formula to win friends and create no enemies.

But biodiversity is a jealous deity. It commands absolute, total, unequivocal obeisance.

It does not tolerate compromise and is swift in exacting retribution and vengeance on those who practice hypocrisy or infidelity.

Indeed, a zealot cannot bow before the altar of biodiversity while in worship of the idols of mindless development that degrades or, worse, destroys ecosystems.

And so pray tell us, Madam lawmaker, how the biodiversity bodysuit fits when you survey the vast vista of the land-clearing operations of your family business?

Do your bling-blings ring with pride and joy or do they clang with guilt and shame?

Of course, you may cite the many accolades and awards on account of your environmental advocacy.

That should count for a validation of your great efforts.

But the intolerable scandal is only made more odious by a recent issue of an elitist publication citing your husband as the only indigenous Filipino to land high on its tally of global billionaires.

If that is not the result of “living off the fat of the land”, we do not know what to call it.

Indeed, if people of power want more power, what do people of wealth want?

And what about those who have both?

Before you rest on your environmental laurels, remember that biodiversity and bulldozers are not only incompatible; they are mutually exclusive.

Even your son who is also in government knows this.