BI’s intel group cheered on by Pinoys

September 11, 2018

THE relentless crackdown of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) against foreigners who come into the country robbing Filipinos of job opportunities is indeed laudable.

For months now, the BI’s Intelligence Division under its chief, Fortunato ‘Jun’ Manahan Jr., has come up with a number of arrests, all in bulk, of aliens who have been working in the country without the required, legitimate documents. This is aimed primarily at protecting the interests of Filipino workers, specially those who are unemployed and would have landed jobs had it not been for the said foreigners.

Notably, most of these foreigners illegally working in the country are Chinese nationals majority of whom work as retail sellers in various parts of the country, mostly in Metro Manila-based malls.

What’s alarming is that seemingly, these foreigners have levelled up with the kind of jobs that they rob Filipinos of, as evidenced by the arrest of one Cai Nongnong, 28. An ‘overstaying’ alien since July 2017, Cai was found to be using a Philippine passport under the name ‘Jasmin Tan Lui’ and she had been in the country not as an ordinary lowly worker but as a travel agent.

Just recently, 100 were rounded up by the group of Manahan, with some of them caught in the act of working in a slippers and bag factory in Bulacan.

Before that, 20 Chinese nationals were arrested while selling various products in stalls inside the 11/88 Shopping Mall on Reina Regente Street in Binondo. This was immediately followed by the arrest of  74 Chinese nationals inside the 999 Shopping Mall on Soler Street in Binondo, for the same offense.

Subsequently, a total of 34 Chinese men were caught in the act of working illegally at a construction site near the SM Mall of Asia complex in Pasay City.

In the spirit of fairness, Manahan ordered an investigation into the immigration status of all those arrested and it was then that the said aliens were found to have been ‘overstaying’ since they entered the country merely as tourists.

Others were totally ‘undocumented’ or did not possess the required documents to prove that their stay in the country is legitimate.

Manahan said he has nothing against foreign tourists coming into the country since the government is in fact promoting the Philippines as a tourist destination, for as long as their purpose is legitimate and that they follow all the rules and regulations governing their entry into and stay in the country.

However, if they abuse the privilege of being allowed in the country by duping the government and taking away job opportunities from our countrymen, there is no way that Manahan would allow this, knowing that even his bosses, namely Commissioner Jaime Morente, Justice Sec. Menardo Guevarra and President Rodrigo Duterte himself, will definitely prioritize the interests of Filipinos before that of foreigners.

As tourists, foreigners are merely ‘temporary visitors’ and as such, they do not possess the right to engage in any ‘gainful activity’ or land in jobs to earn money while they are here, unless they have the required valid working visa or permit. Under the country’s immigration and labor laws, foreigners intending to work here must first apply for a permit from the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) and a working visa from the BI.

They are also not allowed to have any kind of retail business since they will only be competing with small Filipino businessmen and rob ordinary Filipinos of livelihood opportunities.

After duly verifying the visa status of the said foreigners to confirm if they have already overstayed in the country, those proven to be undocumented or without an appropriate visa were charged and made to undergo deportation proceedings for working without a proper visa and for violating the conditions of their stay.

Manahan said Filipinos who witnessed the arrests cheered on, apparently happy that the government is doing something against foreigners who mock our laws, while protecting the interests of Filipino workers. Those cheers are well-deserved. Kudos, too, to Manahan and his group, from our end.


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