Black prop tool vs Isko blasted by Netizens

This early, a social media account had been created with the apparent, sole purpose of serving as a black propaganda tool against Isko Moreno, who, as it is, is yet to officially begin his term as the new Manila Mayor after he gets sworn into office at noon of June 30.

Out of curiosity, I went browsing over the contents of the  said account which appeared on my wall and I was aghast at how those behind it could create ultimate fake news and just smear people’s reputation without any regard as to whether or not they are obviously nothing but black prop.

Those behind the said account should have taken into consideration the fact that Moreno garnered a huge number of votes 357,925 out of 675,125 who voted on election day.  This is aside from the fact too, that the public have just had an overdose of politics what with the recently-concluded elections just over a month ago.

The public is still reeling from too much politics and exposure to all kinds of black propaganda and are not yet ready for another round of such ugliness.

The public, specially Manilans, are just too happy at the moment that elections are over and Moreno, as the incoming mayor, has reached out to former Mayor Fred Lim and outgoing Mayor Erap Estrada when this was not totally necessary.

Moreno, during a two-hour lunch, sought advice from Lim regarding several important aspects of governance.  With Estrada, he personally accompanied his transition team to ensure an orderly turnover of power.

These gestures were taken positively by the citizens of Manila who want nothing but a better city at least for the next three years, which can only be achieved if Moreno’s wish to have a ‘unified’ leadership is realized.

The citizens of Manila have also seen and felt the positive changes already happening way before Moreno takes his oath and nothing can compete with proof.

Take the case of Divisoria which is now cleared of vendors on the initiative of Manila Police District chief Vicente Danao, Jr., who used the campaign pronouncements of Moreno as guide.

Motorists and public utility vehicles now traverse the said road day and night, so that jeepneys no longer cut trips to the detriment specially of elderly and handicapped commuters. We all know that vendors have taken over the roads in that part of the city for the longest time.

Going back to the said FB account.  Judging from the comments of netizens, it is clear that no one believes what they have read or seen.

In fact, most of the comments were nasty, all directed toward the administrator or administrators of the said account.

The angry comments only show that the public cannot be taken for a ride anymore, just like that. Those on social media constantly are highly informed and intelligent enough to discern truth from lies, fake from real.

Thus, feeding the netizens misleading information when they know the real score at the tip of their hands triggers anger on the part of the public whom the admin of the  said account would want to dupe.

Now who in the world would like their intelligence to be insulted? That FB account, in my own humble opinion, is a showcase of stupidity at its best. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ever heard of the saying, ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop?’


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