Bong Go’s forgivable; Don’t bash the MPD rookies

February 28, 2019

THE controversy created by the scripted exchange between candidate for senator  Bong Go and actor Philip Salvador where Go mentions ‘Si Kris Aquino nga naloko mo eh!’ can be interpreted as some kind of compliment meant for Kris while roasting actor Philip Salvador.

Among circle of friends, when you tell a guy ‘naloko mo girlfriend mo eh’ this could mean that the guy does not deserve the girl or was lucky to have been able to bring the girl into having a relationship with him even if he doesn’t belong to her league or falls below the quality of men people would think she would fall for. It is just a figure of speech which should not be taken literally.

Besides, there is a big difference between the word ‘naloko’ and ‘niloko.’ When Bong Go said ‘naloko’ ni Philip si Kris, this means the actor was in luck to have her. Now if he said ‘niloko’ ni Philip si Kris then this would have meant that the actor indeed fooled or duped Kris.

Anyway, since it did not sit well with Kris, Bong Go apologized and so did Salvador in his own way, when he stressed that he did love Kris when they were together. I don’t think Salvador will allow making Kris a  butt of joke specially since he has a son with her. He probably thought it would be interpreted the way I explained it, with him appearing as an inferior person compared to Kris who did not deserve someone like her and yet had a relationship with her.

I read somewhere that Go had also called up Kris to extend his personal apologies. We’re all but human beings who make mistakes and the fact that Go manned up, apologized both publicly and to Kris herself  and subsequently vowed never to do it again makes him praiseworthy. To err is human, to forgive divine.

* * * 

The two Manila Police District (MPD) policemen -- I assume they are rookies considering their ranks -- who figured in the recent ambush of the two arrested guns-for-hire in Sampaloc,  are earning brickbats for what happened to them and the two suspects who died while under their custody.

For those who are not able to follow, the two fatalities,  Apolonio Flores, 37 and Prince Patrick Cortez, 32, were shot dead on their way to the MPD-Station 4 in Sampaloc after being subjected to inquest proceedings at the Manila Prosecutors’ Office (MPO) for violation of the Omnibus Election Code and illegal possession of firearms.

Before this, Flores got  arrested on Lacson Street on the complaint of a concerned citizen who informed the police that the suspect had a gun tucked in his wait while having his motorcycle repaired. A check made by the police on his cellphone showed that he was coordinating with Cortez, who was nabbed during a follow-up operation near the corner of Earnshaw and Del Fiero Streets in Tondo, Manila as they were plotting to kill a drug pusher in Balut, Tondo.

Police said Cortez tells Flores the name of a drug pusher who fails to remit sales and then said pusher gets liquidated. Flores admitted before the police and even the media, that they were hired killers who get paid P20,000 for every successful mission.

From the MPD-Station 4 where they were detained and processed following their arrest, Flores and Cortez were brought for inquest by the police to the Manila City Hall. On their way back to the station, two to three motorcycles each with two men on board arrived, circled the mobile car where the suspects were and then blocked the car.

With guns drawn, the suspects reportedly told the two cop escorts to get out of the patrol car, lie face down on the floor and had them disarmed. The gunmen  then shot and killed the two arrested suspects at the backseat.

The two policemen are now under investigation for possible lapses and liability and shaming them on social media is not helping the situation any.

I hope netizens would  stop the bashing. It’s just not fair. You can never tell what’s the right or wrong thing to do in a given situation unless it happens to you or you are there yourself. We have no idea how those two policemen were affected by that event.

It is easy to judge, criticize, point out perceived errors, give unsolicited advice  or even call the said policemen names. The question is, what would you have done if you were in their place? The two policemen were definitely outnumbered (since when did six against two become fair?) and engaging the gunmen in a shootout would have been total suicide on their part.

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Jokjok (from Junsie Paterno of Sta. Cruz, Manila) -- Pedro: Pareng Juan, what is your greatest fantasy?/Juan: To be kissed by someone in the rain, pare! How about you?/Pedro: To be that someone kissing you in the rain, pare! Love you Pare!

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