Booting out illegals

December 02, 2018

The sheer number of Chinese illegals entering the country is quite bothersome.

Of course, considering their enormous population, Chinese authorities are understandably having a hard time keeping their countrymen from seeking work abroad without proper authorization or documentation.

But this is no excuse for Philippine Immigration and Labor authorities to stem the tide of their illegal entry into the country.

It is quite a relief that these authorities are stepping up efforts to deport them back to China, but the primary mission should be the prevention of their illegal entry in the first place.

Chinese nationals topped the list of the most number of deported foreigners from 2016 to 2018, Bureau of Immigration (BI) records show.

Based on data, a total of 1,510 Chinese nationals have been sent back to their country in the past two years. In 2016, 40 Chinese were deported; 1,248 in year 2017; and 222 from January to October this year.

BI spokesperson Dana Sandoval said the figures would show that no special treatment is being given to Chinese nationals found to have violated the law.

“Deporting illegal aliens is BI's mandate, no ‘favoritism,’ and not giving ‘special treatment’ to anyone. Whatever the nationality is, if the alien blatantly disregards Immigration laws, it is our duty to send them out,” Sandoval said.

South Korean nationals, who are the number one visitors in the country during the said period, only placed second on the list, with a total of 216 deported -- 59 in 2016, 115 in 2017, and 42 so far this year.

Also included on the list of deported foreign nationals were Indians and Americans, numbering 87 and 79, respectively.

Meanwhile, BI figures showed that a total of 4,456,375 Koreans entered the country from 2016 to 2018, followed by those from the United States at 2,902,154.

The Chinese were in third place at 2,805,762; Japanese at 1,658,970; and Australians at 730,346.

Completing the top 10 list of foreign visitors are Taiwanese, 645,122; Canadians, 607,235; British nationals, 596,096; Malaysians, 414,018; and Singaporeans, 355,816.