Brazen criminals, shameless policemen

BEFORE proceeding, here’s our sincere condolence to the family and friends of Nestor Callanga, former village councilor of Bgy. Pulong Sta. Cruz, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna.

Callanga, his father in law and their neighbour were all shot dead yesterday morning while boarding their vehicle along the busy intersection in Bgy. Dita by at least 4 suspects who casually sped away on board a red Toyota Innova.

Callanga, as the video of the incident that has now gone viral shows, was holding his 8-month old baby when two hooded gunmen emerged from the Toyota Innova and shot him point blank while he was in the driver’s seat, possibly trying to make his baby son comfortable.

I don’t know if we can call the baby “fortunate” for surviving the attack as he is now to grow up without a father?

Two other gunmen made sure his father-in-law, Carlos Manimtim and their neighbour, Milencio Patapat, would not be able to offer any help as they too were shot with the pistols apparently with silencers to minimize the noise.

I don’t personally know all the fatalities dear readers. But just like the more than 400,000 people who saw the video (as of this writing), this massacre is a grim reminder that heinous crimes continue to be committed with impunity— and with the police nowhere near to make an immediate response to track down and apprehend the killers?

Indeed the video continued on for several seconds after the shooting and it is plain to see that no policemen arrived to take stock of the situation.

O baka naman…. “alam” na nila na “may mangyayari” kaya walang pulis sa lugar?

This would be the second time that Laguna police director, Col. Eleazar Matta, has embarrassed his police uniform, after the “abduction” in April of Allan Fajardo, also in Sta. Rosa City, a case that still remains unsolved up to now.

And in both incidents, Laguna media colleagues note, all the suspects had the “moves” of the police in them. “Galaw ng pulis,” sabi nga nila, ahahay!

They also commented that despite this latest blot on their performance, Col. Matta and Sta. Rosa police chief, PLt. Col. Eugene Orate, appear unconcerned that their jobs may be on the line.

“Kampante lang sila… parang alam na hindi naman sila matatanggal sa puwesto,” a colleague told yours truly. If so, why? Who in the PNP is their protectors, RD Edward Carranza, sir?

And speaking of Gen. Carranza, the known “batang sarado” of ‘Narco police general Marcelo Garbo (according to PDU30), Wednesday’s shooting is another mud in his already stained leadership of the regional police office.

Nevertheless, Gen. Carranza, many now says, is the “most favored” ‘mistah’ of Chief PNP Oscar Albayalde, owing to the fact that he remains in the good graces of our Chief PNP despite a lot of booboos.

Does having as their common friend this certain ‘Jojo Sedeno’ a good enough reason?

Who is this ‘Jojo Sedeno’ are you asking DILG secretary Ed Año? Well, some people are asking, why, despite not being a member of the uniformed service, he is said to be “always” with Gen. Albayalde. “Palaging kasama sa mga lakad ni Chief PNP,” as observers put it.

But we’ll get around to writing about this Jojo Sedeno in the coming days.

In the meantime, may I plead with the good secretary of the DILG to do something about the crime and order situation in the Calabarzon region, where we, and millions more of Filipinos, are residents.

If the incident last Wednesday in Sta. Rosa is any indication, killers roaming the Calabarzon region are becoming more brazen, shooting their target while he was holding an 8-month old baby in his arms.

Kumbaga, wala nang pakundangan ang mga kriminal ngayon. Walang pakundangan dahil walang kinatatakutan, huhuhu!

And while criminals are becoming more brazen, the police, under RD Carranza, are becoming more shameless, tsk,tsk,tsk!