BSP still active, at home, amid COVID-19; Sampaloc? Tsk…

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The Boy Scouts of the Philippine (BSP) remains active despite the prevalence of COVID-19 pandemic. 

In a phone interview, BSP Secretary General Rogelio Villa, Jr. said,  “our young Scouts are our own frontliners at home.” He said Scouts are told to take inspiration from frontliners who are now helping the world in stopping the pandemic.

“We ask our Scouts to be role models in cleanliness, in obeying rules like staying at home while there is an existing lockdown and enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) and take the lead in reminding their respective families and relatives to wash their hands regularly and take extra precautions such as wearing proper protective masks when going out of the house for important errands,” Villa said.

He said Scouts were told not to get out of the house and instead use the social media in spreading goodwill,  by asking fellow Scouts and relatives to follow to the letter government orders to stay home. Villa said Scouting activities have been stopped since March.

Villa added that the BSP National Office organized online challenges to keep in touch with young members and make them busy while at home. 

The BSP also continuously issues infographics on social media for its members, most of which are reminders about staying home and following the 12 points of the Scout Law, foremost of which is trustworthiness and cleanliness.

According to him, many Scout leaders and volunteers have been helping local government units in some parts of the country in reaching out to the community.

“We have been receiving reports that many of our adult leaders have been helping distribute relief goods, man checkpoints and sanitize public places,” he said. 

Just recently, the BSP opened its doors to some frontliners assigned at the Philippine General Hospital by offering for them free rooms at the BSP hotel which is located in Ermita, Manila . The Movement also offered one of its buildings in Mt. Makiling, Los Banos, Laguna as a makeshift treatment area for COVID-19 patients. 

‘Let me assure you that we in the Scouting Movement have been helping in every way we can to help subdue the virus that is now slowly encircling the globe. Let me congratulate your publication for remaining a strong partner of the BSP in serving this nation,’ Villa said. Kudos, BSP!!!


Now we know why Sampaloc has remained number one in the list of areas with the most number of COVID-19 cases, both confirmed and ‘suspect,’ all throughout since the community quarantine started.

For about a week before the ‘hard lockdown’ was imposed by Mayor Isko Moreno, rumors had been swirling about its imposition, since barangay chairmen themselves have broached the idea and recommended it to the mayor.

The announcement made by Moreno, therefore, came just as a matter of formality on the part of the city government.  Therefore, the residents have been conditioned and forewarned and given more than enough time to prepare.

All these and yet, a total of over 100 were arrested on the first few hours of the implementation of the said lockdown whose effect is merely 48 hours. How hard is it to sacrifice 48 hours for the good of the greater majority?      

Funny thing is, at least two residents who were nabbed told an interview that they were not aware that there was a lockdown. This means either they are that stupid or are plain liars.


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