Cable thieves end anger motorists; Duh, Meralco

February 29, 2020

The Manila Electric Company  (MERALCO)  has called on the public to not patronize any devices that are being sold on the promise that they will help save on power consumption and subsequently mean lower electric bills

The MERALCO representative told an interview that the public should not allow themselves to be duped by those selling the said devices.

On the other hand, the said MERALCO personnel had announced that the power supply may be decreased this coming summer and as such, brownouts may be experienced by households. He was quick to add that the situation will spell savings on the part of the consumers.

Now this, clearly, is duping. Should we be happy and thankful for the savings when, in exchange for it, we suffer brownouts?

I would rather pay whatever electricity I use than experience the inconvenience of brownouts. Wag sanang mang-uto. Duh.


The Manila Police District-Special Mayor’s Reaction Team (MPD-SMaRT) headed by Maj. Jhun Ibay was able to arrest two of three thieves who have been harping on power cables of streetlights.

It was learned that a city contractor had sought the help of the Manila City Hall’s Engineering Office under city engineer Armand Andres who, in turn, coordinated with barangay authorities and Ibay for immediate action.

The two were identified as Mark Christian Leonero, 19 ,of  1917 Maria Orosa St., San Andres, Malate and Jericho Mance, 26, of  1624 A. Linao St., Pres. Quirino Avenue, Malate.

Ibay said that based on a report from SMS Jay  Jacob of  SMaRT , the contractor, Reynold Tindog, 42, had complained to Andres  that the cables for the streetlights are stolen almost as soon as they are installed and that this had been happening for quite some time already. The streetlights are the ones located in Ermita.

Along with officials from Barangay 678 Zone 73, Ibay and his men caught the suspects red-handedly at the corner of  Taft Avenue and Apacible Street in Ermita,  while atop an electric post and cutting off the power cables.

They were arrested even as Ibay said his men were able to recover a pair of pliers, an iron saw, three pieces of white cables measuring eight feet each and five pieces of Panaflex wire with 200 pairs of  silicon copper wire, among others.             

Police are looking for the duo’s cohort who was not there when the cops arrived.

It’s good that these cable thieves were arrested.  Imagine the danger they make motorists face by causing the streetlights to malfunction?

Without streetlights, it will be a ‘free for all’ on the streets for motorists who, in turn, endanger the pedestrians and even themselves specially at night. Hayzzz…


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