Can alleged Manila Police District cop-rapist still redeem himself?

November 01, 2018

AS if the news that a rookie policeman from the Manila Police District (MPD) raped a 15-year-old girl in exchange for her parents’ freedom after they were arrested on drug charges were not shocking enough, the cop-turned-suspect  dished out something even more startling -- that ‘it’ was common among the police.

Whether he meant sex in exchange for freedom or facing counter-charges for arrests made is not clear although from the news report I saw, it seemed like he was referring to the former.

Anyway, reports had it that the girl’s mother and live-in partner, identified respectively as Marilou Francisco, 32, and Carlos Torres, 26, were nabbed for illegal drugs in Sampaloc, Manila. The girl’s real father, still according to reports, is in jail also on drug charges.

Fortunately for the girl, her aunt cared enough as in fact she was the one who decided to lodge a complaint after learning of the victim’s ordeal. The cop was identified as PO1 Eduardo Valencia of the Manila Police District-Station 4. Expectedly, Valencia denied the charges vehemently.

In doing so, however, he only dug an even deeper grave for him, particularly when he made it appear that what he did was commonplace. He also painted a very bad image of the police before the public’s eye.

Not only that. While being interviewed for his side of the story, he sounded like he was crying. But what really caught my attention was when he sort of ‘slipped’.

In so many words, he said he did a lot of good things as a cop and allegedly had certain achievements that brought honor to the police. The line that followed, however, while he was supposedly sobbing, went something like this -- ‘dahil lang sa isang pagkakamali’ and then after a short pause, he said, ‘dahil sa isang maling bintang.’

If one was listening intently, the first line would surprise you and elicit a reaction of shock since he sort of ‘admitted’ what he had done. And when he changed his tune, one could not help but find it funny. Parang ‘wow mali.’

I did not hear it directly from the victim but some news reports quote Valencia as having claimed that he did not force himself on the victim and that the girl voluntarily went with him to a motel.

Granting it is true that the victim went with him on her own volition -- note that he is a cop who I’m sure is at least double her age and with whom she has no romantic relations whatsoever -- Valencia may have forgotten that we are talking of a minor and that he at that time, was a person of authority and supposed moral ascendancy and as such, certainly knows that he had committed an infraction just by having sex with a 15-year-old.

The results of the medical examination done on the victim also offers another surprise since reportedly, two different specimens of male semen were found.

When I saw National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Director Guillermo Eleazar nearly frothing in the mouth in anger, I could not blame him. In fact, I hope he had done more when the cameras were no longer rolling.

It takes a lot of effort on the part of the police to raise its level of respectability and have it sustained. The rape accusation and Valencia’s own actuations and pronouncements definitely scarred the police image all over again.

With regard Valencia’s pronouncements that such practice of being counter-charged is common among the police, he should state specific cases and probably be of help to his colleagues who were wrongly accused. If he meant sex in exchange for freedom as being common among the police, he must have had a basis for saying so.

He can maybe somewhat redeem himself by stating the specific circumstances he had been talking about and identifying those whom he said had also been into the practice. Now na!!


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Jokjok (from Edgardo Escobido of Imus, Cavite) -- Kwentong feelingero -- Girl: Nu’ng isang araw magkasama tayo sa seaside, sabi mo sa akin, saglit lang. Umalis ka, hinintay kita. Dumaan ang i-lang oras, wala ka pa din. Napaupo ako sa tabi at nanlumo. Hinintay pa rin kita. Umuwi ako mag-isa at napaiyak na lang pagdating sa bahay/Boy (lumapit kay girl at pinunasan ang luha nito sabay sabi sa mayabang na tono): Sorry ha, akala ko kasi okay ka lang kahit wala ako. Hindi mo pala kaya??? Tsk! Iba talaga pag pogi no?/Girl: Ano? Adik ka ba? Eh nasa ’yo ang pamasahe natin nu’n. Naglakad ako pauwi, mula Maynila hanggang Makati. Hanggang ngayon mahapdi ang paltos sa paa ko kaya ako nag-iiyak pagda-ting sa bahay! Feelingerong ’to!


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