A case vs Widheim Jacob Tan; Taguig traffic staff lauded

February 21, 2020

A 20-year-old student is now facing a case of reckless imprudence resulting in damage to property at the Taguig City Prosecutor’s Office after he hit the car of my niece from behind along 10th Avenue at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig at 6:13 p.m. of January 30, 2020.

My 33-year-old niece was driving her Honda City Sedan when her car got hit by the vehicle of the suspect, identified as Widheim Jacob Tan, of 21 A Cordillera St., Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City, coming from the MGC New Life Christian Academy, who was then also driving a Honda City Sedan (ZCS-293).

The facts of the case, as borne by the traffic accident investigation report made by Officer-on-Case PCpl. Analyn G. Navarro  and duly noted by PCapt. Joseph Inomis, chief of the Vehicular Traffic Investigation Unit of the Taguig City Police Station, the two vehicles were traveling toward the same direction going to Mandaluyong City when the incident happened.

My niece’s car (Vehicle 1 in the report)  was at the innermost lane of the road followed by the suspect’s car (Vehicle 2)  on the right side.

The report stated that upon reaching the place of the incident, my niece was traveling straight while the suspect behind ‘failed to maintain proper distance and due to miscalculation, the left side front portion accidentally sideswiped the right side rear portion of Vehicle 1 (my niece’s) which caused damage’.

At the traffic bureau, the suspect was reportedly accompanied by a man who kept on rudely lawyering for the suspect even if he was not a lawyer. The suspect, on the other hand, did not say a word and let his ill-mannered companion do all the rude and arrogant talking.  And to think that he was talking to a lady who was the victim in that particular incident.

The said guy, whose name my niece failed to get, even bragged that the suspect’s father can pay whatever damages were sustained by the car of my niece. The driver meantime, admitted his fault before the police investigators and said ‘hindi ko nakita’ even as he failed to show his car’s certificate of registration, which is a must for any driver to bring while he is out on the road. His companion meanwhile, was the epitome of the typical ‘langaw na natuntong sa kalabaw’.

No apologies were offered and everything — from the suspect’s admission of fault and his companion’s unnecessary rudeness—was witnessed by the police who, at one point, even admonished the arrogant man for his behaviour.

Since then, nothing had been heard from the suspect or his father which only goes to show that they have no intention of answering for any liability.

Our profuse thanks to the very efficient and responsive policemen assigned at the Taguig Traffic Bureau Investigation. Unlike the lazy Ermita Police station cops I earlier wrote about, these traffic cops stand true to the PNP motto, which is ‘to serve and protect.’

Particularly commendable are the efforts of  the bureau’s boss, TPCMS Ramil Erlanda, officer-on-case PCpl. Analyn Navarro and PSMS. Antonio Unampan.

Their willingness to perform their sworn duty is worthy of emulation and commendation. Kudos to the Taguig City Police Station and the Southern Police District for having such reliable and dependable police officers in their midst.


I hope that the Land Transportation Office will review the driver’s license it gave to suspect, now respondent, Widheim Jacob Tan.

Getting a driver’s license has the accompanying responsibility of being careful on the road and answering for any liability that may be incurred by the license holder’s own wrongdoing, be it intentional or not.

The fact that this student and his father did not bother to fix the mess created by his (Widheim’s) miscalculation, by not contacting my niece in any way to have the damage he caused to her car repaired, only goes to show that he (Widheim) is an irresponsible, conscience-less driver who is not worthy of the license given to him.

My niece missed important appointments that evening and even dinner, because she had to spend time going to the traffic bureau and doing paper works.

No amount of money can buy the time and effort wasted for something not of her doing. It was also notable how Widheim Tan did not say a word to stop his talkative ‘flea’ from disrespecting a lady and subjecting her to his meddlesome rudeness that it took the police to stop him, probably feeling the  utter disrespect of their presence.

This Tan continues to be on the road as of this writing. I wonder how many more will be victimized by his utter disregard for responsibility and his flea’s rudeness??


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