Cash & Carry’s flawed system annoying

Last Saturday, February 29, I and my companions went to Cash & Carry in Makati to do our regular grocery shopping. That was around 2 p.m.

Two of us lined up at Cashier 2, which is for those who are buying 12 items or less, since what we were buying were definitely less than 24 items. Moments later, my companion joined our friend who was buying pizza in a nearby stall so that I had to take care of everything we bought, which were of two transactions.

When the cashier said I had too many items, I pointed to him my companion whom I’m sure she saw with me when we were lining up. I told her they were not all mine alone.

Just when I thought everything was okay already since my companions finally arrived, the cashier raised another problem. This time around, she said I was buying more than 12 items, in reference to the box of soda which contained 24 cans.

Instead of just going on since the one box is punched as a single transaction anyway and not as 24 transactions, the cashier sought out her boss who surprisingly sustained her. The two were saying they were worried that other customers who were lining up in the said cashier might get mad.

WTF?! Those lining up actually began complaining owing to the undue delay caused by our discussion. The supervisor, a certain Janet Obibo or something that sounded like that, said they really count the one enclosed box as 24 pieces and not as one item.

Does this mean that if I bought a pack containing 50 pieces of candies, this will be counted as 50 items? She insisted that it was their regulation, even if I had told her that we were regular shoppers and never encountered such a problem whenever we bought cases of soda or bottled water and lined up in the counters dedicated for 12 items or less. The box was always counted as one, single item.

If in case the regulations changed, then this should be made known to the customers to avoid confusion. Easily, they can put up a sign above the counter or near the sign that says ’12 pcs or less’ so as to guide the shoppers. I explicitly told her that if there was such a sign, we would have been properly informed and guided and queued at another cashier.  How were we to know whatever their so-called regulations are? Hindi kami manghuhula ng mga regulasyon ninyo, Cash & Carry.

It seemed at that time that what they wanted was for them to cancel the transaction —they have already entered the other items— and for us to transfer to another cashier and again line up. Notably too, I have told the cashier earlier on that there was a box of soda included in the items as in fact she even called out a guy to take the box from underneath the cart.

If there was really such a regulation that the box was considered 24 items, she should have told me outright.  Why go to the extent of telling someone to get it from the cart, punch a hole in the box and then get one piece of can before telling me that the box was considered as 24 pieces? Where’s the logic there?

Apparently, there is something wrong with the cashier and the supervisor, who had the temerity to sort of admonish us that ‘next time, it won’t be allowed,’ when the fault actually was on her or whoever is in charge, for keeping that regulation away from the knowledge of the shoppers who are supposed to be the first to be properly informed.  How difficult is it to put up a sign?

The lack of system did not only cause us inconvenience and waste or precious time, it did the same to the other customers who were also unduly delayed by the useless and baseless discussion.

With that so-called regulation not being made known to customers, think of how many more will be inconvenienced.  If let’s say you’re a shopper who had lined up at a counter for 12 pieces or less with just one box of mineral water containing 48 pieces. After lining up for some time and your turn comes, you will be told that what you’re buying was not one piece but 48 pieces.

Does this mean that you will have to leave the counter and line up again in other cashiers behind those whose carts are filled to the brim when all you’re buying is just one box? Who in the world would ever think that a box is not counted as one? If that’s the case, why put it in a  box and sell it as such?


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