CEB, PAL advise re Boracay; problem with barangays

October 23, 2018

With the re-opening of Boracay Island all set, the country’s leading airline companies have joined authorities in constantly reminding would-be visitors that only those with confirmed reservations at any of the accommodation establishments listed by government will be allowed entry.

Budget carrier Cebu Pacific’s spokesperson Ma. Rosario Lagamon said  guests who have booked for flights to Caticlan and Kalibo will be requested to show proof of confirmed hotel and bookings before entering the island. 

She said the reservations must be at establishments that are compliant with the requirements of the Department of Tourism, Department of the Interior and Local Government and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Lagamon also said that in order to avoid any possible inconvenience, guests who are travelling or planning to go to Boracay Island starting October 26, 2018 are strongly advised to check if their chosen hotel or resort has been certified compliant and permitted to operate.

PAL spokesperson Ma. Cielo Villaluna, meantime, said the Department of Tourism will be implementing a “no booking/no entry policy” and will be setting up a verification booth at the Caticlan Airport and the Kalibo International Airport.

She added that further information regarding accredited establishments on Boracay can be found at or @TourismPHL on Twitter.

There is no reason why guests therefore, should encounter or complain of any hassles once they go to Boracay on its re-opening. We’ll see…


The recently reported shooting incident in Intramuros, Manila involving a brother of a barangay chairman and a resident whose sick wife merely wants some peace and quiet to get her much-needed rest is not an isolated case.

According to police reports on the matter, the incident happened Sunday evening. Greg Fuentes, brother of Bgy. 658, Zone 70 Chairman Salvador Fuentes, was said to have been holding a ‘videoke’ party for his 47th birthday in front of his house along Anda Street when his neighbor Pablo Bandong Jr., 57, complained that the noise was causing inconvenience to his sick wife who could not sleep.

Fuentes maintained he had a permit to hold the party, until an argument ensued, leading to fisticuffs which, in turn, led to Fuentes reportedly pulling out a gun and firing at Bandong.

Angered of course, Bandong reportedly dashed back into his home and then allegedly returned already armed with a gun with which he shot Greg, hitting the latter on his right index finger.

It was not known if his finger was merely sewn back or amputated.

As expected, both parties denied having been the first to fire a shot and are reportedly planning to file charges against each other. Police, meanwhile, said both will be charged with illegal discharge of firearms although reports have it that no guns were recovered by the police.

This kind of scene is actually commonplace. Without referring specifically to the said incident at hand
-- well, the side of Fuentes had denied in a TV interview that there was a videoke session, claiming they only played music -- how many of us have heard or even personally experienced having to deal with noisy drinking sessions being done in the middle of the street where merely passing by is a life-threatening situation since you might draw the ire of the drunkards?

Sometimes, too, streets are rendered impassable not only to pedestrians but even cars, with such drinking sprees being set up in the middle of roads in complete disregard of the inconvenience it would cause and yes, unannounced.

Sadly, this kind of abuse is perpetrated by those close to the barangay authorities or at times, the barangay officials themselves who think they own the very streets that fall under their jurisdiction, when they are supposed to serve as role models for their constituents.

I don’t see why the ‘no garage, no car policy’ should take precedence over banning drinking sprees in the streets.


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