CGHMC’S appeal to the public: Let’s help each other end this crisis

April 03, 2020

Healthcare workers and frontliners have reported harassment and discrimination due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Reports of verbal and physical abuse, refusal to extend basic services, refusal of entry in checkpoints, and eviction from their communities have been circulating.

The CGHMC denounces these acts against our healthcare workers. They are risking their lives on the frontlines with limited resources and yet some feel the need to impose hatred and fear due to lack of information and empathy. We strongly urge the public to extend compassion to our healthcare workers. They bravely and selflessly responded to the country's healthcare needs at great risk to themselves and their family's health.

We would like to assure everyone that healthcare workers are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure effective infection prevention policy. CGHMC ensures an adequate supply of PPE's for all its doctors, employees, and service workers. We strictly abide by the Infection Control Guidelines and Standards adopted from the Department of Health, World Health Organization, and the Center for Disease Control.

Instead of fear and discrimination, let us work together to protect and support one another. With your respect and compassion for our healthcare workers, we will combat and win this pandemic together. Please stay calm, healthy, and stay at home to be safe.

Let us help each other end this crisis the soonest possible time. Please keep us in your prayers.