Character Assassination

October 01, 2018

President Trump nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court has gone through great humiliation in Congress as to whether or not he is fit to be a member of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

A plain-looking woman is the 3rd accuser to destroy the reputation of Judge Kavanaugh who claims to have been “sexually assaulted” by Judge Kavanaugh some 36 years ago during their high school days.

How come all of a sudden, some women in America may have made it a business to resort to such character assassination? How could the members of Congress allow such incidents to happen inside the halls of Congress when maybe, most of them won’t pass the test based on their youth. As things are going, pretty soon a nominee to some position will be investigated for raping a cow!

We must all admit that sometime in our lives, the young goes through a transition as part of growing up. That’s the time the young learn what is right from wrong and are able to strengthen their characters. It’s really part of growing up. The important thing is that person becomes responsible and disciplined individual in the long run.

These women who harass appointees to any position for confirmation by Congress have become a bad habit. They are professional harassers in a sense. But don’t they have shame to go public? That alone proves that they are streetwalkers or professional hookers who have gone through the grinder. A decent and responsible person will never look back to mistakes that they have committed when they were in high school for at that age they are carefree and irresponsible.

Frankly speaking those members of Congress who pretend to play it clean in grilling an appointee or nominee to a position may not even have the right to be fault-finders for in their private lives they must have done worst things. I don’t doubt that even the congresswomen might have committed some indiscretions sometime in their younger days.

President Trump got his share from the media. It is in a way shocking how America turned out to be. As I said, out of decency, no woman nor men should flaunt their sexual adventures in public. If they do, then they are doing it for some reason but it gives a bad example to the young.

I cannot sincerely reconcile what is the co-relation between the position the nominee is being appointed to, to a sexual adventure in the past in their high school or college days. The important thing to know is if the nominee is qualified; intelligent; respectable and a fair man to be in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Whether he had a fling or two in his youth has absolutely nothing to do with what he turned out to be in his age of maturity; and in his position as a Judge for that’s what matters most.

In the Jesuit University I attended in the U.S., nothing improper was tolerated. On the other hand, there were state and coed universities during our days that were so liberated that there were many incidents that in the girls’ dormitories they would hang their panties in the window across the dorms for boys.

When charges such as what has been happening from women who claim “sexual harassment” 36/40/50 years ago cannot lay the blame on the young man, for there are women whose libido are more active and are baiting the guys when they are in “heat”! Do you call that “sexual harassment” when it’s the girl who instigated and giving the reason for it to happen?

Dr. Ford I thought was a beauty. When I saw her on TV, she was not much to look at; and she said that she gave a drinking party in her flat for three men and I do not know who else. That alone does not speak well of her. But according to nominee Brett Kavanaugh, he was not with that group that night.

It was customary even in the 1950s and 1960s the so-called joy rides with young girls cavorting with young boys; or play charade where they took off the clothes piece by piece while they continue drinking beer. Again, isn’t that part of growing up?

I must admit I never experienced such liberties for I was interned in Jesuits schools abroad and only on a Saturday or Sunday were we allowed a measured time to go out and see a movie, eat in a restaurant or go shopping. And we had to give a good enough excuse to go off campus; and back in the dorms by 7 P.M. But we must have a good excuse for the Prefect to allow us to go out on short leaves.

I have always said that the most powerful audio-visual medium is the television for it goes through the soul of a person on camera. Honestly, after having been chairman of the “board of censors” for the film industry as the MTRCB was referred to for six long years of my tenure enough to get a “doctorate degree” on judging people before the TV camera, Dr. Ford will not pass as a credible person. Being a doctor of something does not make a person sane than others. I’ve known of psychiatrists who should be the ones on the chair, not the patient.

Dr. Ford they say has a husband. Can anyone please tell us if he is the first, second or third? That happens. The ex-husband can tell better who she truly is. An ex-husband can put an end to this squabble. Simply, is she a divorcee?

Now that she entered this most critical phase in a nominee’s life, Dr. Ford is the one whose head must be examined. Why did she not have it blottered in the police station then and not after 36 years? Now, she comes out like Salome when it “happened” 36 years ago and therefore prescribed. She should have told her grandmother not Congress!

Inviting young boys to her place for a drinking session does not speak well of her as a teenager. Making them drunk was intentional.

May I ask, doctor of what is Ford? She seems good in weaving a story that happened 36 years ago. She seemed to have mastered the art of deception. If I were a psychiatrist, I’d put her on a couch as so many have gone through, hypnotize her to get the truth.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh was a minor at age 17 when it allegedly happened. How old was Mother Ford then?

I am just asking some questions from a distance on how can one be blamed for some infantile “adventure” after a few bottles of beer.

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