Christmas decors

November 10, 2018

It is not too early to write about this topic on decors, especially Christmas as it has become a commercial thing to attract shoppers.

Filipinos are known for having the longest holiday season and I agree since right after All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days you can already see the sprouting of streets with colorful lights and unique decor.

Look at Pasig City where they already featured their unique tunnel of colorful lights which I am sure will bring in a lot of visitors.

What a wonderful idea. I will definitely visit the place. With the proliferation of digital lights and decor, expect spectacular lights everywhere.

These will be seen not only in streets, department stores, and welcome arches, but also in homes—the more interplay of lights, the better.

With all these come the warning of using the proper electrical outlets and bulbs to make sure there are no fires, especially when you use substandard materials, especially when it comes to Christmas trees.

Since we are in the topic of decors, let me add as well the gift-giving aspect of the holiday season.

There are now a lot of bazaars being advertised, especially on weekends.

Many cost-conscious buyers prefer to go here for the uniqueness of gifts and of course many of the items come from communities in the provinces.

So you also get to help our less fortunate countrymen with talents on design and products, most food. I would really encourage our readers to try to go to these bazaars if you are into bargain hunting.

By the way, I cannot comprehend why we tend to give nice gifts to people who don’t need it and will just recycle what we give them, instead of giving to the less fortunate.

There was a time I would just receive a Christmas card stating that a donation in my name was given to this and that charity organization and I felt good about it.

This is how it should be. Spend your money getting items that orphanages or senior citizens’ homes need. Spend your time with the needy and volunteer your time with them. You will feel more fulfilled this way and it is indeed in the holiday spirit of caring, sharing and giving.

Better yet, bring your family members to these charity places so that you can indeed teach the proper values to  your children.

I can recommend CHILDHAUS, Tahanang Walang Hagdan, parish feeding centers and the like. This early, make appointments to these institutions already.

December is volunteers’ month so start thinking of ways you can help with your time, talent and treasures.

There are just too many less privileged people in our midst whom we can help.

How much do we need still? Think about this.

Start de-cluttering our homes and just give to those in need, starting with our decors.We still have carolling groups going around but make sure these are legitimate ones.

They usually write to you first so you can check and prepare for their coming.Times are indeed changing. We need to go out and help our less fortunate countrymen and there are many of them out there.

How can we now go about having a grand time when many in our neighborhood and cities are not even eating three full meals a day?

Think about it and start making plans, especially with the Christmas decor.