Christmas gift giving

December 01, 2018

If you have been going around these past few days, you must have noticed the sudden proliferation of colorfully lighted streets, homes, city and municipal halls, and others.

I believe this year is one of those years when people really are going all out in making the Christmas spirit felt.

Of course leading the pack of holiday decors are the malls. When you enter these buildings, you cannot but help want to buy the rather reasonably priced items on display.

This is what makes it quite interesting.

Who are you giving gifts for this Christmas? On top of your list I’m sure are your family members and close friends.

And here is where I come in reminding you to also share your gifts, useful toys and of course food, to various charitable establishments.

You know that my favorite organizations are CHILDHAUS over at Leon Guinto in Sampaloc and Caritas.

What makes CHILDHAUS special to me is the spirit of these children sick with cancer and are still full of hope.

Looking into their eyes, you do not feel their pain, but what you see are hope and gratitude for your being there to care for them.

For more than 15 years, CHILDHAUS was able to sustain its operations due to generous individuals and establishments, led by philanthropist Ricky Reyes and his foundation.

His friends have stood by him through all these years, always supporting him in his cause of finding a temporary home for children undergoing chemotherapy in PGH and other hospitals.

CHILDHAUS finally has a home thanks to the generosity of Hanz Sy and his wife who have stood by CHILDHAUS through the years.  There are also those who anonymously take care of paying the electric bills of the building, and other operational needs.

Many of these generous souls come from the entertainment industry while others are walk in donors and friends of friends who have seen the good that this organization has consistently done. So when you go around these next few days buying gifts, also pick out items that you feel will help make the children of CHILDHAUS happier while they undergo treatment at such a young age.

These children would like to grow up productive and they each have their dreams. You may even be able to help a cancer stricken child get well and become a famous scientist or basketball player.

CHILDHAUS fortunately has a television set which enables them to watch exciting basketball games as the one between UP and Ateneo yesterday.

They were also as excited watching the game even while they lie in their bed and for a few hours they were able to be relieved of their suffering.

So this year for Christmas, give more to these children and make the spirit of this holiday season truly felt.