Clean elections

March 31, 2019

IT is said that election is “democracy in action.”

But it is certainly lamentable, disgusting and saddening that there are still unscrupulous politicians, many of them local leaders, who want to win at all costs during elections.

These are the politicians who have absolutely no concern for the future of this Southeast Asian nation and the people, but are only for the protection of their own self-interests.

They cheat, buy votes and use their armed leaders and followers to intimidate, harass and even threaten their political opponents.

However, ex-Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim, a retired police general and a former senator, believes that this year’s May 13 national and local elections will be fair, clean and honest.

In the view of many, including Lim, a lawyer who used to head the National Bureau of Investigation and Manila’s Finest, Duterte will never allow poll cheats to frustrate the will of the electorate.

“Naniniwala ako na hindi papayagan ni President Duterte na magkaroon ng dayaan ang darating na halalan dahil ito ang lagi niyang sinasabi at malaki ang aking pagtitiwala sa kanyang mga salita,” said Lim.

What is needed to ensure the holding of peaceful and credible balloting on May 13? It is for the Filipino people, including the ordinary citizens, to be vigilant before, during and after the elections.

With President Duterte and officials of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) now keeping watch, we are hopeful that this year’s “democracy in action” will not be tainted with cheating, vote-buying and violence.

But concerned government authorities should waste no time in going after vote-buying politicians and other poll cheats.