The collective good

November 24, 2018

So when are we as Filipinos going to have a mindset of always doing things for the collective good of our country? I notice that we are always fond of complaining and whining and when something good happens we act as if we don’t deserve it or even become apologetic? I know I have been ranting about our horrific traffic at EDSA and its adjacent highways.

But I still bring a car because our mass transportation system is not yet adequate. So for our collective good, we must change our culture and be more proactive and constructive when it comes to our being a citizen of this much maligned but still beautiful country. Yet, there it is. We still need to awaken the culture of love of country of the Filipinos.

We may keep on getting awards for our music and modeling skills and this may be a start. But what about the self discipline when it comes to doing things daily. We love to talk and be heard but when it comes to collective action to uplift our country we seem to shirk away from such actions.

I must look at our traffic situation. Part of the standstill is due to selfishness of some drivers to stick to their lanes and follow simple traffic rules. There was a time that I fit stuck In a lane for more than half an hour and it was all because of one driver who blocked our lane since he wanted to move ahead to turn.

So if you make is a collective action based on selfishness, then you have chaos and waste of time. What an attitude. Our government workers should think about their roles of being servicing to the people they serve.

Why so many red tape? Is this because of laziness or even the quest for power? Or is it the desire to earn extra as in becoming corrupt? And if this becomes a collective thought of government workers, then pity our country.

And here I truly admire the majority of government workers who are doing their jobs well and it is because of the reputation of their peers that they get a negative image. There are still many workers especially in government who do their. Best.

Let these good ones not allow the bad ones to taint their image. If cour collective action for this country is always to do good, talk good and help move things faster, then we will see progress and prosperity for our countrymen, especially those in the boondocks.

Think collective good all the time and observe how this attitude will help transform our country.