Confused and shameless lawmakers

February 17, 2020

BAGO ang lahat, sinserong pakikiramay ang ipinaabot ng National Press Club (NPC) sa pagpanaw ng isa sa ating mga kasamahan, si Rudy Andal ng Pilipino Star Ngayon (PSN).

Isang mabuting kaibigan at kasama sa hanapbuhay si Rudy, na isa rin sa mga “beterano” sa hanay ng media. “Mabuhay ka,” kasamang Rudy at “magkita” na lang uli tayo -- at walang sawang mag-inuman -- sa hinaharap, hane?


And before proceeding to our main discussion, here is giving way to a letter from a very concerned resident of Multi National Village (MNC) in Parañaque City, with the further hope that the residents’ concerns reached our concerned authorities for their quick action:

“Mr Paul Happy Sunday. Kindly look into the health and well-being of the residents inside Multi National Village, especially the ongoing constructions of “commercial type” houses— buildings and facilities disguised as ‘residential houses.’

“At 9am today (Sunday), a Chinese-rented Gray Toyota Van (NEF 3668), slowly ‘manuevered’ at the corner Matthew and Mark Alley street with  the driver intensely looking at a newly-built house (likely for POGO workers).  

“The surprising tour of the “ Chinese Van” likely confirms the rumour that female Chinese nationals will move into the house. The van is among the other Chinese rented van/vehicles along Matthew St., MNC, which (for us) confirms the continuous renting-out of houses to POGO workers.  

“The (City Council) and honourable Mayor (Edwin) Olivarez should consider issuing a “moratorium” to temporarily disallow the rental of houses/ facilities to POGO workers, especially at this period when the outbreak of the deadly corona virus (COVID-19) in many regions has become a growing health concern.  

“Happy Sunday po sa inyo.”


Two developments that should now “educate” our people as to who the real “bosses” of our lawmakers are and how low they would stoop down to serve their interests would be two developments brought about by the actions of Pres. Duterte.

The first would be the issue of the franchise renewal of media company, ABS-CBN, which only has until the end of March to continue with its operations. The second would be Pres. Rody’s decision to junk (praise be the Lord) our ‘visiting forces agreement’ with the Americans, which would end in six months’ time (180 days) or, by August 2020.

As our “idol” in the media profession, Rigoberto Tiglao of Manila Times, so rightly puts it in his column yesterday, in the absence of a new franchise, ABS-CBN would have to stop its operations, period.

But aware that ABS-CBN (largely by its own fault of not “hurrying up” to have its franchise renewed when it still has the time to do so, especially during the past regime), we really find it very “odd” that it is our lawmakers who now appear to be “lawyering” for this private company.  

Had they not also read the details of the ‘Quo Warranto’ petition filed by SolGen. Joe Calida before the SC?

Wherein he detailed then alleged “violations” committed by this company in relation to the terms of the franchise granted to it by Congress?

If only they have their own sense of decency and real respect for their institution— and are not now confused as their role in society— they would have immediately realized that the first people that ABS-CBN “insulted” were them— our lawmakers—  when it violated the terms of the “covenant” it made with Congress.

Kayo na ang unang “ininsulto” at “binastos” nang “abusuhin”ng ABS-CBN ang prangkisa nito, kayo pa ngayon ang nagtatanggol? Sa isang pribadong kumpanya na “bumastos” sa inyo? Nakakatawa, hehehe!

But for a “sprinkled” few, both chambers of Congress are mainly populated by lawyers. And how they can now openly claim that even if the company loses its franchise by next month, it can still continue with its operations is really a legal argument that only those with a convoluted logic and confused sense of the law can say without a blush of shame.

If indeed the rule and majesty of the law is just an “option” for our lawmakers because its selected exercise would be for the benefit of a private company, then our country is indeed headed for the dogs.

And over there at the Senate, where many of its members are self-styled “statesmen” (and women) who purportedly know, “by instinct” even, the “higher interests” of our nation, their spirited defense of the VFA must have caused amusement from Americans living on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

I mean, even their president, Donald Trump, has  not taken offence (or alarm) over PDU30’s decision and yet, over here, Philippine senators are the ones expressing the most alarm over a decision that would finally help their country in its path towards genuine sovereignty, free from any foreign meddling in its internal affairs.

Indeed, yours truly find it utterly shameless for our senators to behave this way, a behaviour that would make any patriot suspect that our legislature, up to now, is still much like the Philippine Senate during the Commonwealth period— nothing but a “branch” of the US Senate and a “debating society” insofar as the Americans are concerned.

Too, their proffered move to ask the Supreme Court to “clarify” on the “role” of the Senate in relation to the termination (or a continuation) of the VFA, is servility to a foreign interest at its shameless best.

I mean, should not this move been made by the Senate back in 1997 or 1998, when the VFA is still under discussion? Back then, the Senate has all the right to assert its “independence,” if not its “voice” in any treaty or agreement being considered by Malacañang, especially those affecting our national security and independence.

But they abandoned this “option” and merely acquiesce with the Estrada administration’s position that the VFA is an “executive agreement” and their approval or participation in its drafting is not needed or necessary. “Pumayag” ang Senado, hindi ba?