Cops told to engage in combat sports after ‘Pulisteniks’

February 04, 2020

ON orders of Philippine National Police chief, General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa, combat sports aficionados in the PNP may indulge in their favorite sports only after attending their ‘Pulisteniks’ or physical conditioning activity from 3:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday, the Journal Group learned.

This after the  23rd PNP chief, a lawyer-member of Philippine Military Academy ‘Sinagtala’ Class of 1986 required all PNP personnel nationwide to attend their ‘Pulisteniks’ or physical conditioning  activity.

In Camp Crame, the activity is being held either at the PNP Transformation Oval or in front of the National Headquarters building. Elsewhere in the country, the activity is being held in different police regional and provincial office headquarters and city and municipal police station compounds.

Gen. Gamboa declared  that combat sports such as taekwondo, karatedo, arnis or boxing may only be availed after the ‘Pulistekniks’ from 4 p.m. onwards.

He added that PNP personnel may also opt to join other physical fitness activities like fun run, fun walk, fun biking, iron man, swimming etc. or their preferred sports such as basketball, badminton, marathon, etc. provided that all the activities shall be performed inside camp.

The PNP chief also declared that no conference shall be scheduled at 3 p.m. onwards during Tuesdays and Thursdays to give way for the health and physical conditioning activities.

He instructed that actual BMI of all PNP personnel shall be taken by the PNP Health Service and recorded in standard format and database. All PNP personnel were also ordered to maintain  personal medical and health record for monitoring of their health condition.

Gen. Gamboa said that PNP personnel who failed the BMI standard shall undergo medical evaluation for medical risk assessment prior to enrollment to the Standard Weight Management and Fitness Intervention Program.

The PNP-HS was ordered to determine appropriate standard fitness package program for all PNP personnel who upon enrollment in the program shall strictly comply with the activities of the standard fitness package given to them.

All heads of PNP offices and unit commanders were also ordered to ensure the strict compliance of their men to the program and to have a height and weight station in their offices.

However, all policemen who are 55-years old and above and those whose optional retirement were already approved by the National Police Commission were exempted from the activity.

Policemen with medical conditions were also required to attend the physical condition activities where they will perform distinct exercises determined by the Health Service.

Gen. Gamboa is so serious with the program that he ordered that all commanders and heads of offices thru their administrative officers to be responsible in monitoring and reporting the status or their personnel to avoid sanctions.

The nationwide police weight reduction program is now being felt from Aparri to Jolo, the Journal Group learned. Yesterday, National Capital Region Police Office director, Major General Debold M. Sinas led  the Metro Manila police force’s weight loss program with the launching of a weight loss camp.

According to PNP spokesman, Brigadier Gen. Barnard M. Banac, records show that there are around 3,000 overweight and obese cops in the NCRPO but the rest of the 24,000 personnel are compliant with the new Body Mass Index or BMI reduction program of the national headquarters.

Banac said that as of December 31, 2019, 54.4 percent or a total of 98,093 personnel nationwide have already reached their ideal body mass index.

“It is expected that by end of January 2020, the number of compliant personnel will further increase. We assure the families of PNP personnel that all physical exercises and weight loss of police officers will be strictly monitored by PNP Health Service personnel,” he added.

Sinas, who was officially promoted to the rank of a 2-star police general by Gen. Gamboa on Tuesday last week said he will lead their weight loss program thru a weight loss. He said that those who still fail to slim down to their ideal weight would be required to join a summer camp possibly in March or April.

The official said the new BMI would specifically target officers considered to be Obese II with a BMI value of 35 to 39.9 and Obese III or with a BMI value of 40 upwards.