COVID-infected cops

April 21, 2020

POLICEMEN, together with soldiers, firefighters and village authorities, run the risk of contracting the dreaded COVID-19 while manning enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) checkpoints in Luzon.

More often than not, residents living near the checkpoints and motorists, particularly those aboard air-conditioned cars, vans and buses, are overheard saying “talagang kawawa naman sila.”

Of course, these well-meaning residents and drivers are referring to those manning checkpoints round-the-clock seven days a week even during a heavy downpour or oven-like temperature .

In the view of many, including the ordinary citizens, these public servants are doing a great job in preventing the spread of the corona virus, which has claimed the lives of many people across the globe.

That’s why it’s certainly saddening to know that the number of officers and men of the 250,000-member Philippine National Police (PNP) has reached 71, according to B/Gen. Herminio Tadeo Jr.

The soft-spoken but highly-effective Tadeo, director of the Philippine National Police Health Service (PNPHS), also reported four more recoveries, bringing to 10 the total number of recoveries.

Records show that 17 police commissioned officers (PCOs), 50 non-commissioned officers (NCOs) and two non-uniformed personnel are categorized as Probable Persons Under Investigation (Probable PUIs).

On the other hand, 604 personnel were recommended as Suspected Persons Under Investigation (SPUIs), including 132 PCOs, 442 NCOs and 30 non-uniformed personnel.

A total of 600 personnel, including 196 Probable PUIs and 404 Suspected PUIs have completed their self-home quarantine.

Without doubt, like the millions of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in various parts of the world, those manning the nation’s COVID-19 checkpoints are modern-day heroes.