‘Culture of frugality’

February 29, 2020

THE government, through the various training centers of the Philippine National Police (PNP), would do well to develop a new generation of “incorruptible” men and women in uniform.

What is needed to be able to produce “incorruptible” cops? It is for the PNP, which is civilian in nature but national in scope, to develop a “culture of frugality and prudence” in all its training centers.

And the Philippine National Police Training Institute (PNPTI), headed by Major General Ramon L. Rafael, wants the institutionalization of said culture among all police trainees nationwide.

We share the view the PNPTI chief that financially literate police officers and men would be more resistant to different temptations and corruption once they are out there in the field.

Every year, the PNPTI produces an estimated 20,000 graduates, all of them coming from the ranks of police non-commissioned officers (PNCOs) in the 195,000-member police force.

The institute also trains another 4,000 policemen taking the Junior Leadership Course and over 3,000 staff and technical sergeants who are taking the Senior Leadership Course (SLC).

The SLC is a requirement for promotion to the rank of Police Master Sergeant. Likewise, the PNPTI trains some 1,000 students of the Officers’ Candidate Course every year, said Rafael.

Before, the PNPTI only encouraged police recruits to save money. But today, Rafael, a member of 1987 of the Philippine Military Academy, said the institute is involving the families of PNCOs.

Today, it is the wives and children of PNCOs taking junior and senior leadership courses, who teach and encourage the trainees to spend their money wisely, according to General Rafael.

It is certainly time to develop “incorruptible” men and women in police uniform if the PNP leadership is to regain the trust and confidence of the more than 100 million Filipino people.

And the ordinary citizens across the country? They must support government efforts to produce God-fearing, dependable and highly-productive police officers and men.